Love Crisis Pentalogy By Mobo Reader

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Love Crisis Pentalogy By Mobo Reader & Yue Xia Xiao Hun


Book/Novel Author: Mobo Reader

Book/Novel Title: Love Crisis Pentalogy

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**”Do you know what you did wrong? It’s alright if you just wanted to own me. But you should not have helped Molly leave me!”**
When Brian, the big boss of an Asian casino, learns the truth, there is no chance for Hannah to win his heart.
Molly, who wants to run away from Brian, seems to be the only one to blame for Hannah’s misfortune.
It will not be difficult for a man as powerful as Brian to find whoever he wants. When she faces him, Molly only said coldly, **”Don’t make me the excuse for your cruelty!”**
*The ultimate collection of Crazy Rich Lover Series.* **

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