Love, Hate, and Terrible Dates By Alina Jacobs

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Love, Hate, and Terrible Dates: A Romantic Comedy (The Manhattan Svenssons Book 4) By Alina Jacobs


Book/Novel Author: Alina Jacobs

Book/Novel Title: Love, Hate, and Terrible Dates



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I’m twenty-three years old. I can’t be some billionaire’s ward. Even if he is hot. It’s a bad day when your boyfriend leaves you for someone with boobs and a butt faker than her Instagram pictures.It’s an even worse day when a hot guy in a suit shows up in your bedroom and tells you that you’re his ward.And it’s a complete disaster when your ex sues you and threatens to take your dog.I have no alternatives—I have to throw myself to Carl Svensson’s mercy like a wretched Victorian romance heroine in order to save my dog.I wish all I had to do was lounge around a haunted mansion in a pretty dress. Instead, Carl is forcing me to run outside in the morning, clean my apartment, and finally do something about my credit card debt. Yes, I am side-eyeing all of this.Carl’s in for a shock of his own, though. I’m a free-spirited, art-loving girl with tattoos, multicolored hair, and piercings. Everywhere. *Wink emoji!*An uptight, suit-wearing investment banker is not going to change me. But it’s a battle of wills that will determine whether he makes me a respectable person or not.Carl is going down!But not down on me…except for that one time…This is a stand-alone, full-length, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy, complete with your new book bestie, a hot guy with a bad attitude and a heart of gold, and a happily ever after better than a glass of wine at eleven a.m.! Get your smelling salts ready, because this book is STEAMY!
I would recommend this book to everyone who likes funny, hot,and quirky characters. The story moves quickly. The Manhattan Svenssson brothers and little sisters are present t in the storyline tying the book back to all the other books about these brothers. I have read all of these books starting with the Harrogate Svenssons. I have loved all of them. Usually read in 1day as to good to put down.
Not a bad story, but the premise behind it was kind of silly. And the h lived in a run down apartment that often had no hot water, but yet the H didn’t think about getting her a better place, just getting his hands on her money. Frequent use of the f* bomb was unnecessary and distracting.
A humorous story with intriguing characters and a well written storyline that had palpable chemistry, great humor and fascinating characters. I enjoyed reading this book and I have fallen in love with this author’s ability to write entertaining books.I requested a copy of this book via Cherrylily ARCs and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Una novela muy divertida y redrescante. Me encantaron los personajes y la trama de tan ocurrente y picante. Espero la disfruten como yo.
I absolutely love this series. The characters are so funny and the interactions between them just gets funnier with each problem they have to get out of. Definitely recommend reading this series.
Libby is a flakey influencer wanna be. Carl Is given the task of being Libby’s guardian. He is stunned when he gets to her apartment and sees the mess it’s in and what her life is in. Libby wants Carl to leave her and her dog Doug alone and he gets fed up and does just that. However, as he is leaving, she gets served papers because she is being sued by her ex. Libby thinks she’ll be able to handle it but things go from bad to worse when her ex tries to sue for her dog. She goes to Carl for help and agrees to do whatever he wants for his help. Can he make her into a presentable woman to meet the will’s requirements? Will they both find something more while working together?This is an amazing story that had me laughing out loud at parts of it. I couldn’t put this down until I had finished it. This is a well written and very entertaining story. I would recommend this book to any book lover.I received a free copy of this book via Cherrylily ARCs and am voluntarily leaving a review.


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