Love in Many Languages By Jamie Bennett

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Love in Many Languages By Jamie Bennett


Book/Novel Author: Jamie Bennett

Book/Novel Title: Love in Many Languages



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Her: free spirit.  Open door (literally).  Open heart.
Him: serious.  Steady.  Closed OFF to love?
On paper, Ione and Cooper just don’t make sense. 
Luckily, Ione loses all the papers that she accumulates, along with her phone, her purse, and her shoes, so she’s not paying attention to what anything says about her and Cooper! When they meet in Japanese class, things are flowing along in her life, taking her with them.  But the more she thinks about it, she may not be entirely happy with how things are flowing, and where she’s headed.
Cooper is everything Ione isn’t: driven, responsible, and unfortunately, totally unavailable.  He thinks that she would be a good study partner, maybe even a friend—and that’s all.  But when things go sour and Ione’s life turns upside-down, Cooper’s the guy who has her back.
So will this be love, or just friendship?  Can Ione and Cooper find common ground, a common language to speak to find happiness, together? **





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