Love on the Grand Tour By Sunny Brooks

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Love on the Grand Tour By Sunny Brooks


Book/Novel Author: Sunny Brooks

Book/Novel Title: Love on the Grand Tour


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**An exciting new Regency Romance series from the Bestselling author of the House of Catesby series!**
**Feisty American, Lady Cecelia, would do anything to keep from returning to England in order to marry at her father’s behest.
Then a brilliant idea strikes!** Cecelia begs to further her education by going on The Grand Tour-
Though ladies aren’t usually encouraged to go, she considers the magical journey across Europe the perfect experience before finally making her way to England.
Surprises are abound as Cecelia travels through various countries to Rome, where she makes the particularly riveting acquaintance of Lord Williamson.
? ? ?
**Cheeky Brit, Lord Williamson, has his own pre-ordained fate to hide away from, and The Grand Tour is the perfect cover.**
As their friendship grows, a shocking revelation reveals more about Lord Williamson than Cecelia could have expected! When a very different picture of their true lives emerge, Cecelia must decide what type of life and future she truly wants.
**Between her unconventional charisma and his regal, yet accessible personality, the two are a natural force to be reckoned with- while between them the sparks fly!**
? Can she find the courage to fight for what she wants, even if it means changing everything?
? Or will she step aside and turn away completely, leaving what was growing between them as but a distant memory of her free-spirited adventures abroad? **


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