Love Practically By Nichole Van

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Love Practically (The Penn-Leiths of Thistle Muir Book 1) By Nichole Van


Book/Novel Author: Nichole Van

Book/Novel Title: Love Practically



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As a young woman, Leah Penn-Leith fell hopelessly in love with Captain Fox Carnegie—the only irrational mark on her decidedly sensible life. Fox, unfortunately, did not return her regard.Their story should have ended there. After all, Fox left for India. And Leah returned home to Scotland to rear her much younger brothers.But twenty years later, Fox appears on Leah’s doorstep—older, scarred, and world-weary—proposing a marriage of convenience between them. He needs a mother for his young ward, and Leah, with her capable good sense, comes highly recommended. What woman could say No to such a proposal? Not Leah. Fox has always wreaked havoc on her ability to think rationally.After their marriage, Leah confronts the chaotic reality of Fox’s life. His castle, ten miles up a rugged Highland glen, is shambolic. His ward, Madeline, is a precocious handful. Fox’s time in India is shrouded in rumor and mystery. Worst of all, Fox himself is distant and broken, his personality as altered as his scarred body.Throughout it all, Leah is left with two questions: What happens to a woman after her most-cherished fantasy comes true? And can a marriage, begun in practicality, transform into something deeper? Something like . . . love.
This book made my reading trifecta. 1) A 5 ⭐️+ ❤️ personal favorite for 2022 (KU no less!), 2) the first in a promising series, 3) by a new-to-me-author.Loved this exceptional story. It had my favorite trope–a marriage of convenience with a slow burn romance. Although, and this is my only quibble, the fade-to-black moment frustrated me. I was so ready for clothes to be ripped off, and… you know. Then again, I consoled myself that it left more time for the deliciously angsty plot. And, oh my, was there angst. It actually pushed the boundary on my personal angst-o-meter. It helped that there were some cunning dabs of humor at the beginning and interspersed along the way.While I suppose this is another retelling of Beauty and the Beast, the story took on its own style and personality. Neither Leah nor Fox were created from standard molds. What really stood out to me was the mystery surrounding Fox. His backstory was slowly revealed. As much as I tried to figure out what happened, I couldn’t quite put it all together until close to the end. Kudos to Nichole Van on her writing skills.Other adorableness: Madeline and Mr Dandelion McFluffles. I can’t rave enough about this book!
Without a doubt I believe that true never dies. The story of Leah and Fox was spellbinding to me. It is just my kind of story. Life is full of ups and downs, users and abusers, but by the grace of God some of us see some happiness and fulfillment along the way. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes historical fiction and Romance, and happy endings.
Not sure I’ve read from this author before now. However, after this sweet book I will definitely be looking for more.
This is such a beautiful love story. The author has a way of taking you deep into the heart of her characters so that you understand their pain, grief, turmoil. How satisfying it was to see how love can simplify the most complex wounds. It’s been a while since I have read such a lovely, well written book.
This was such a great clean read, I loved the characters and the setting of the book. This book is funny and cute and a great love story.
This was/is a great book! At times, Fox’s anguish and self-indulgence felt oppressive, but Van counteracted that oppression with the cat’s, Mr. Dandy’s, antics, or Madeline’s endless ( it seemed) hiding, or arguments between “Wee Tam” and other castle workers! It was a good blend! I kept wishing for Fox to change, and he finally did. And Leah did, too. I laughed a lot through the part of the story where Madeline’s grandparents, the Duke and Duchess, came to take her away! It could have been a very sad scene, but Van turned it into a funny thing! And I very much liked that the Duke and Duchess left Fox’s and Leah’s house as friends, instead of with animosity. I’m very glad I read this book!


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