Lovely You By Jamie Bennett

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Lovely You By Jamie Bennett


Book/Novel Author: Jamie Bennett

Book/Novel Title: Lovely You

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On the outside, Scarlett Wolfe is perfect.
Gorgeous, beautifully dressed, a cool job in fashion PR—what doesn’t she have going for her? She meets a guy on a Hawaiian vacation, and his interesting scars and tough exterior get her heart pumping. She could wrap him around her little finger if she wanted to, and why not? It could be fun to have a little fling with Nate, then go back to San Francisco. Back to cocktail parties and clubs and excitement, back to her adoring family, her sweet job, and her busy, full life.
That’s Scarlett on the outside—and maybe that’s who she used to be. But now, on the inside, Scarlett Wolfe is coming apart, splintering bit by bit, and she’s scrambling to hold everything together. Things are not as they seem, with her job, with her family, with her friends, and certainly not with Nate Lange, the former soldier she met in Hawaii. Home in California, her life is suddenly entwined with Nate’s and Scarlett finds her-self losing her heart to him. She needs to bring herself back the brink of chaos, and hopefully, Nate will be with her when she comes through to the other side… **

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