Lovesick Cowboy’s Blind Date By Hanna Hart

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Lovesick Cowboy’s Blind Date: A Sweet Clean Romantic Comedy (Heartbreak Ranch Brothers Book 4) By Hanna Hart


Book/Novel Author: Hanna Hart

Book/Novel Title: Lovesick Cowboy’s Blind Date



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My best friend’s plan backfired on him… He wanted me to start dating. Little did he know that I would fall forhis little sister. But I’m getting ahead of myself. It’s tricky for a cowboy billionaire who lost his wife To be on a dating app. So, I did what any smart man in my position would do. I used a fake name. And then I fell for a real woman. Well, real enough….Since I hadn’t met her in real life. Speaking of real life.My best friend’s sister had started helping me with my ranch. The same sister who was heartbroken after being cheated on. My chemistry with her was as fiery as the one I was enjoying online. I was torn. I was confused. And I was also heavily mistaken.I was her boss, her brother’s best friend and broken hearted. What wasI thinking?Clearly, I wasn’t…And because of that….I went from feeling I liked two women, to knowing that I might not evenend up with one.
Imagine my surprise when I noticed this wasn’t Austin’s book. But it was great. So happy Levi found love again. Dislikes, none. Five star rating, because you didn’t have a 10 star rating.
Lots of fun, good, loving, wholesome characters in this well written read. A sweet, clean romance with an interesting plot. So glad Levi found love after losing his wife.
It is so hard to come back from the sudden death of the love of your life. I can’t imagine the pain but I can understand never wanting to lose someone like that again. When Levi is finally ready to try again, he ends up caring for two women. How in the world did that happen!! Now what is he going to do?
This is a sweet story of how a widower falls for his best friends sister. Levi hasn’t dated since his wife died five years earlier. Several of his brothers have found the love of their lives. He even has a nephew and niece. He is now feeling as though he has been left behind and needs to get into the dating scene again so he will at least have a chance to find love again. His best friend signs him up for a dating app under a false name. A notification from a Chelsea on the app gives him hope. Georgia has returned home to lick her wounds after heartbreak after heartbreak. She gets a marketing job at the Somerset Ranch with Levi. They develop feelings for each other but Georgia is off limits because she is his best friends sister. What happens when they discover they have been texting each other on the app?
Loved this series and especially the story of Levi and Georgia. The drama was not overblown and humor was interspersed throughout. The family support and camaraderie made me wish for a large zany family.
Great story. I entered the series here at book 4 and didn’t feel like I couldn’t follow the story. I will go back and read the rest in order to fill in any gaps and get a better feel for the family dynamics. I did find two quirks in the story. The first is her first attempt at riding a horse. The author had Levi correct Georgia by placing her right foot in the stirrup and swing the left foot over the horse. I’m no horsewoman but I think the author wrote things backward. I’m pretty sure you place your left foot in the stirrup and swing the right leg. Not a huge detail as it doesn’t ruin the story but if you’re writing about cowboys and spend half a page detailing a horse-riding lesson, seems you should make sure your details are accurate. The second thing was just a brief mention of passing through security “again” when they arrived in Nashville. Maybe that’s protocol when flying on a private jet (in which case I wouldn’t ever have reason to know that), but usually you only pass through security to get on the plane, not when you deplane and exit the airport. Again, neither detail ruins the story but they did jump out at me as strange.


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