Lust By Eva Charles

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Lust (A Sinful Empire Trilogy Book 2) By Eva Charles


Book/Novel Author: Eva Charles

Book/Novel Title: Lust



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Our fate was sealed with a blood oath.She’s more than I expected.Beautiful.Fiery.Seductive.And hiding deadly secrets.Her angels play so nicely with my demons.I crave her touch.Her whimpers.Her obedience.Her light.Do I deserve her? No.Will that stop me from taking what’s rightfully mine? Also no.Some men never seek forgiveness, not even with their final breath.My name is Antonio Huntsman, and I am one of those men.Lust is the second book in A Sinful Empire Trilogy, which begins with Greed and concludes with Envy. It should be read after reading Greed. Lust is a dark romance with dark themes.Forbidden fruit has never been sweeter…
In love with this sexy series! Antonio and Danelia are thrust together by a forced marriage. She agrees to save what she loves, he agrees to protect her from her father’s enemies. It is a hate and love story, lots of tension and slow burn, hidden dark secrets, and suspense. And as they spend time together, Danelia’s darkest secrets are coming out and Antonio is trying to figure out his emotions for her. They still do not know if they can trust one another despite the sexy chemistry they have for each other. And holy hotness – the first time they have sex in book 1 is now one of my all-time favorite sex scenes. Just wow! The passion gets even sexier in this book now that they are together. You also need to keep guessing who is good and who is not. There are three books in this series and I have to say the hidden secrets are dark, and there are some things that could trigger some who have a history of abuse.Read all three – they are all out now and I am so glad I waited until now to read this series because waiting for each book would have been torture.This series includes -~ Rape/abuse triggers~ Arranged marriage/age gap~ Lots of suspense~ Hide and seek games~ Constant slow burn and hot chemistry
This is the second book of this series and we learn a lot from Daniela’s past. Antonio gets a better understanding of her difficult past and gets closer to her. But he’s boss and he can’t show weakness in his world so he can show his feelings. Enemies keep lurking and causing havoc and Antonio finds himself in a position where he can’t trust anyone. This is an awesome series & I can’t wait for the next book!
Back at Porto, Daniela has a secret! What do you think it is? This is book 2! I liked reading this quite fast moving story. Stormy at first but it starts making sense now about why Daniela the way she is with her new husband. I will tell you her secret if you promise to read this whole story. Daniela mother was rape and killed by a member of Antonio’s. Then she was raped and had to watch while mother was killed. She was a young 12 year old girl. Losing her mother was bad enough, but weeks later she finds herself pregnant with the baby of the person who raped her. He father tries to protect her from being killed. He sends her away with Isbel, her family friend who looked after her when her mother was killed. Year’s later she has to tell Antonio the truth that Valentinia is her daughter. Antonio is so angry, he won’t stop without finding the person who did this to his wife. Antonio is not the person that you can walk away from, killing is on his mind. Antonio falls deeply in love with Daniela. What’s going to happened next., I can’t wait to find out what happens next in the next book. This story is off of the charts for danger, love, war and lots of action! ENJOY
The continuation of Daniela and Antonio’s story is just as good as book one with the two becoming closer as a couple. Daniela has suffered as a teenager but is stronger for what she has lived through. She is turning out to be exactly what Antonio needs to be less of a controlling alpha who is not interested in love. More twists, turns and surprises are in store as book ends with one of Antonio’s closest friends turning traitor and boat exploding with young family members aboard. Six days until book three but will not forget the plots of this intriguing series. I have been thoroughly entertained.
This series just keeps getting better each page. Again I’m upset at the cliffhanger. Smart author. I hope you read this series full of twists and turns, surprises and shocks. I’m about to download Book 3!! Enjoy.
I am blown away! Sitting at the edge of my seat. Mouth hanging open. This book has a special place in my heart. The words touched me in a way that is unexplainable. Please read


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