Lusting for an Enthralling Earl By Henrietta Harding

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Lusting for an Enthralling Earl: A Historical Regency Romance Book By Henrietta Harding


Book/Novel Author: Henrietta Harding

Book/Novel Title: Lusting for an Enthralling Earl



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The tempting Betty Harding, a simple country girl, is happily working as a maid for the glamorous Lady Pebbleton. All that changes when she is forced to take her mistress’s place at a masquerade ball and spy on London’s most enthralling bachelor, the Earl of Bembroke. When a single night of joy turns into a whirlwind romance with the Earl’s equally charming butler, Betty spends every moment longing to fulfil her enticing desire… However, is the sinful butler really who he claims to be? Or will Betty find herself in the middle of a notorious scandal, risking all she has ever worked for?William Nightbridge, the Earl of Bembroke, is growing tired of what the world expects of him. Tired of society’s expectations, tired of flirtations that lead nowhere, and most of all, tired of his mother and aunt meddling in his affairs and trying to marry him off as quickly as possible.However, when he meets a seductive woman at a masquerade ball, who leaves him craving for more, he comes up with a mischievous plan, to switch identities with his butler. Will his plan to seduce the alluring beauty succeed or will he ruin his life forever by sabotaging his only chance at passionate love?Without even realising it, the Earl and the maid’s innocent flirtation dangerously transforms into a risky ruse. Misunderstandings turn into wicked lies and they soon end up trapped in a life-threatening deception. Betty and William will soon be forced to choose… Will they risk their own lives for the sake of their lustful desires? Or will they drift apart forever in an attempt to save one another?”Lusting for an Enthralling Earl” is a historical romance novel of approximately 40,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.





4.9/5309 ratings