Mafia Darling By Mila Finelli

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Mafia Darling (The Kings of Italy Book 2) By Mila Finelli


Book/Novel Author: Mila Finelli

Book/Novel Title: Mafia Darling



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Part 2 of 2 — Not a standalone!FAUSTOIn my world, loyalty is everything. I shouldn’t have let her get close. I shouldn’t have let her get under my skin.But that doesn’t mean I’ll let another take her from me. He’ll pay with his life, because nothing will keep me from reclaiming what I lost.Francesca is mine and I’m keeping her.FRANCESCAI found a dangerous man who makes me burn with need, a man I can’t live without . . .until he accused me of betrayal and sent me away.Then I was kidnapped by his rival. Fausto thinks he can rescue me and have me begging at his feet once more. But I’m done begging.This time, it will be the king who breaks.******MAFIA DARLING the second part of the Italian Kings duet, NOT a standalone.If you like feisty heroines, heroes who are a little bit cruel and a lot filthy, and plenty of heat, then welcome to Mila’s twisted world. Don’t say you weren’t warned!
Kinda boring for my liking I felt like I need to keep reading to see what happens and honestly nothing .. kinda a disappointment
Mafia Darling is book two and the conclusion to Fausto and Frankie’s duet. It was a good read. I liked seeing the change in Fausto and Frankie’s relationship. Both were still annoying at times but I did like them. The banter, chemistry and connection was great.
I’ve never read this author before and was surprised at what a great story she told. Older man/younger female mafia romance and it worked. Not the typical plot line you read in so many of these mafia romances. Kept me interested. Plus all the characters were likeable but had their faults. I loved the setting in the vineyards of Italy. I’m looking forward to buying her future books.
A fabulous conclusion to this story! Character development, as well as steam, intense love, and action! Looking forward to more from this author!!
i read the first book before this book and i absolutely loved this short series, if you love plot twists, smut, passion and a main female character who stands up for herself this book is for you, i wish this series was longer. i could not get enough of frankie and fausto
I’m glad we finished off the Ravazzani story with this book! This was drama and sex packed! One thing that stood out the most to me was that we had a strong headed FMC and she eventually got Fausto to treat her as an equal, which I liked a lot. It was showing that change can happen from the “older mafia” times where wives were just that. I liked their story a lot and the spice was just great!


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