Mage-Commander By Glynn Stewart

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Mage-Commander (Starship’s Mage Book 11) By Glynn Stewart


Book/Novel Author: Glynn Stewart

Book/Novel Title: Mage-Commander



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Some soldiers are the shields of innocent souls
Others are the fanatics of their cause
And for them…no war is ever truly over!

Tempered on the anvil of the war against the secessionist UnArcana Worlds and tested against the evil of Project Orpheus, Mage-Commander Roslyn Chambers has risen through the ranks of the Royal Martian Navy to serve as second-in-command of one of their most prestigious battlecruisers, Duke of Magnificence.

A desperate call for help sends Roslyn and her new ship deep into the frontiers of Protectorate space, where they discover that hold-outs of the UnArcana Worlds’ fleets have returned to plunder innocent ships across the Fringe.

To protect the innocent and serve her Queen, Roslyn Chambers must rise to the task before her. She must learn to command—both herself and a warship of the Mage-Queen of Mars!
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I am still of the opinion that this should be a side series, so that we can focus on Montgomery again.That said, it’s a great read.
The major plotline of Legatus’ rebellion, Damien Montgomery’s ascension to power, and the Keepers have all been dealt with. However, we aren’t quite ready to begin the invasion of the Martian Protectorate by aliens. Thus, this book introduces a new threat called the First Legion that seems to resemble the First Order from Star Wars. They’re a bunch of die-hard Republic holdouts living in the far reaches of the galaxy. I admit I’m kind of anxious to get on with the plot but I do like Roslyn and the other characters. Still, I feel like this is a bit like spinning our wheels. I also regret we haven’t seen a sign of the sympathetic Legatan mage that Roslyn had a flirtatious relationship with.
One of the reasons I so enjoy each successive story (in the Starship’s Mage series) more and more is the level of tecnical expertise injects into his captivating style.Of course the technology he describes does not actually exist, but his powerful description makes it seem like it does. I am especially partial to stories that extend a “Navy and Marine Corps ” style. It may have to do with my own Status as retired Navy Commander. But I am particulary impressed with hiw Glynn brings such a comprehensive view in his skillful rendering of the professionalism involved. For example my areas of expertise includes Navy Operations Logistics and Contingency Planning, and Glynn even includes these kinds of perspectives.
I greatly enjoyed this installment of the Mage Protectorate of Mars series. It was a fun military space opera book about a sudden promotion, hidden enemies, and spies. I miss having Damien Montgomery front and center, but the two heroines are wonderful. I will definitely read the next book in the series.
As usual another great book.I have read several of authors books across multiple series and this does not disappoint with the introduction of new characters and enemies mixed in with some familiar faces.Looking forward to the next book!
I have really enjoyed the whole series . I started with offshoot books first then moved to this group. Great story.


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