Mages of Buldoun By Daniel Schinhofen

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Mages of Buldoun (Aether’s Revival Book 5) By Daniel Schinhofen


Book/Novel Author: Daniel Schinhofen

Book/Novel Title: Mages of Buldoun



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Gregory, Yukiko, and Jenn were thrilled— not only had they won their first apprentice tournament, their friends finally joined them in Aether’s Guard. Daciana, Nessa, and Victoria were only halfway through their novice year, but had made an impact during their novice tournament.Besides the three novices, more friends joined their clan: Ling and Clover. They’d studied hard and were eager to prove that they could help, too. It wasn’t long before they had their chance, as the tactics tournament was held right after the winter solstice. The games proved the determination and resourcefulness of everyone in the group. The final game used tactics that Ling and Clover put forward, propelling them to the win.As the year drew to an end, it was time for Gregory and his growing inner circle to say farewell. Parting with the children was hard for all of them. Not only were Gregory and his wives leaving, but so was Elsa— Yukiko’s parents were going to take her in, training her to be a maid.When the day finally came for Gregory and the Aether’s Guard magi to leave for Buldoun, they said a final farewell to their novice clanmates, then followed Lightshield to the academy gates for a grand send off. They wouldn’t be back for years, and Gregory felt a bit of melancholy as he considered all that had happened in the two years he’d been at the academy.What would Buldoun hold for Gregory, his wives, and their friends? Even Gregory, with his foresight, couldn’t see what the future held, but he had a feeling that important events would unfold during the tournament.
This a great another great installment to this great series. This on of my favorite serieses that I look forward to with great anticipation. Now I just have to wait for the next.
Stellar work once again from Daniel Schinhofen! Lots of action and adventure, tournaments and tabletop games. Looking forward to the next one!
Daniel takes us back to his Aether’s Revival series and the adventures of Greg, Yuki, Jenn, and the gang. Highly recommended!
I really enjoyed the book. It’s a great entry into the already awesome series. I can’t wait for the next one!
While this is a good story line. It is too wrapped up in the love scenes. It is like they are using word blocks to create a larger book without saying anything. How many words can I write and still not say anything?
Another great story! Looking forward to the next few years. Aether’s Revival has quickly become one of my favorites (but I probably say that about all of Schinhofen’s books!!)


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4.9/5309 ratings