Maid By Jenna Rose

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Maid By Jenna Rose


Book/Novel Author: Jenna Rose

Book/Novel Title: Maid



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After her housekeeping business is destroyed by a rival competitor’s slander, Belle needs a job—and fast. She takes an interview at the house of Alden McLaren, the Hampton’s most eligible billionaire bachelor seeking a new personal maid, but when the handsome hunk looks at her, Belle realizes he wants a whole lot more than a new employee.
But Belle has a reputation to salvage. She can’t be seen as one of *those* girls that powerful men like Alden attract. She runs, but Alden wants her, and what Alden wants, Alden gets.
He offers her an astronomical salary to be his one and only, personal, *live-in* maid.
It’s an offer Belle can’t refuse, and there’s only a *few* strings attached…





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