Make Me Your Villain By Lani Lynn Vale

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Make Me Your Villain (Battle Crows MC Book 2) By Lani Lynn Vale


Book/Novel Author: Lani Lynn Vale

Book/Novel Title: Make Me Your Villain



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Flaws—he has them.Laws? He breaks them.Dues? He’s paid them.Scars? He bares them proudly.Lessons? He’s learned them.Problems? He has one.Her name is Iris, and she’s the one thing in his life that he can’t control.
I looked this book enough. I’ve read all of this author’s books and liked them but sometimes the crazy weird names of the characters and very weird quirks that the characters have and the far out situations that they have are a bit much.This was an easy read and I did like female lead character in this book. I may or may not read the next book.
LLV can tell one heck of a story, and even though she has a similar MO in her books each one is always a fresh perspective of her magic recipe.Iris and Shine are a fun couple. He sees her when no one else in her family can’t. He recognizes the kindred spirit in her from their first connect. The fact that the girl had the guts to play a song reminding him of a not so great time in his life made me love her instantly. Iris is able to see past the superficial BS that wearing a cut means in the area. However, by now I would think the locals wouldn’t bat an eye to yet another MC who really doesn’t cause a ruckus.It was the ending of the book that gave me pause. There was a great build up and a way, bam, thank you ma’am ending. Not all the questions were answered and I’m hoping that we get some in future books as this ending is not typical LLV. Overall the end does not take away from the love I had for this couple.
OMG, what a freaking awesome book!!!! I wasn’t sure if I’d live the rest of the Crow brothers as much as I loved Haggard. Silly, silly me!!! I should never doubt how much I’ll love anything that Lani Lynn Vale writes!!! I will go with whatever she writes, wherever she takes me because I know it’ll be beyond measure!!! Make Me Your Gillian hits all the marks. Tor Thom and Desiree Ketchum did a great job narrating. You will love this book!!!❤❤❤

Iris, the heroine, needs professional counseling. She has serious conflicts with coworkers, exes, and every member of her family. Her exes big flaw was bringing his work problems home, but it was perfectly fine for her to bring home anger about all her coworkers, her family, her exes, etc. Her coping mechanisms are eating and drinking, not dealing with anything. She’s always the victim.This is the first book from this author that not only was the heroine completely unlikable, but the plot was all over the place without answering any of the questions. Hopefully the next book will be back up to the authors usual fun and interesting read.
I am loving the Battle Crows MC series so far. Shine and Iris now that was a couple that I really enjoyed reading. Shine lived up to the standards that his brother set in book #1. And Iris, well she is a character that I could relate to. Vale made sure to keep you on your toes with this one. She made sure that there were twists and turns that you may not see coming. I am so hoping that she keeps this guessing game through-out this series.


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