Make You Mine By Amanda Bailey

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Make You Mine By Amanda Bailey


Book/Novel Author: Amanda Bailey

Book/Novel Title: Make You Mine

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Their attraction to each other was the easy part.
Resigned to perpetual bachelorhood, high school baseball coach Noah Ryder has given up on finding his happily ever after. When sparks fly with his best friend’s (much) younger sister Julie, he doesn’t want to feel anything for her—but he does.
Artist Julie Moore wasn’t looking for love when she met Noah. Their immediate chemistry is uncharted territory for both of them—and could potentially lead to disaster. As one obstacle stacks on top of the next, she tries to make him see reason. She might be younger, but she’s still a woman—and his friendship with her brother shouldn’t have anything to do with how they feel about each other.
Can they overcome these obstacles or will they end up on opposite sides of forever?

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