Making Her Mine By Monica Murphy

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Making Her Mine (The Callahans Book 6) By Monica Murphy


Book/Novel Author: Monica Murphy

Book/Novel Title: Making Her Mine



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Beck Callahan.Star defensive Lineman.Most popular boy on campus.One of my best friends.He’s always been off limits because I know a relationship with him could never work. Like, ever. He’s too perfect, too sweet, too good looking. Taking what we have a step further has the potential to ruin everything, and his friendship is too important to me.So I keep it friendly, always with my feelings locked up tight. We talk. We date other people.Until the beginning of senior year, one night at a party. When lines are blurred and eventually crossed. It was the best night of my life. A night I will never forget. Or regret. It’s all I can think about. He’s all I can think about.But I’m also a little spooked. Beck says all the right things, and his sweet words make me feel…everything. He’s determined to make me his.Should I let him? Or do I risk losing him as my boyfriend and my best friend?
I read the book to the last page even to the acknowledgment. I am reviewing it cos according to the author statement “it would mean the world to her” and secondly I enjoyed the story so much.
the way the book set up i kinda of thought there would be way more drama but there wasn’t. it was a perfect read for a rainy day anyway!!
It’s official, out of all the Callahan family members, Beck Callahan is without a doubt my favorite. The OG, Drew Callahan is definitely a close second. Every single book in this series has been fantastic and Making Her Mine is even better. Beck and Addie are wonderful, genuine characters and I loved reading how they flourished. And I’m beyond thrilled with how their story turned out. The Callahan’s are one of my favorite families of all time and I’m excited about reading A Callahan Wedding.
I really really really loved beck and Addie but I really really hated Emma. That girl was so annoying I was so sick of her. I feel like the book was a lot about her drama with Marcus (hence the 4 stars). If it wasn’t for that, this would be a 5 star book.
I was so excited for Beck and Addy’s sweet story because the teases from the When Bae collection had me falling in love with them already. I adore friends-to-lovers and this one was such a sweet, innocent story of right person-wrong time. Beck and Addy had unknowingly crushed on each other for years but high school drama and unlucky timing always prevented them from getting together until finally their senior year arrives. Beck’s last year of high school is a promising start for one last shot at claiming Addy as his. Addy is hesitant to risk her long-standing friendship with the football star but after all the years she’s spent pining over him, together they jump over the edge and free-fall into a heady love. It was a fast-paced, low-angst story and I appreciated how upfront Beck and Addy were by the end, not allowing external influences sway them away from each other. Beck’s poor choices did annoy me at times but he’s such a cinnamon roll hero that I never doubted how much he adored Addy and how much they deserved to finally be together. I love how interconnected these stories are and witnessing how much the Callahan family has grown makes me smile. That tease about the final Callahan conclusion has me feeling bittersweet to hear one more tale about this group of friends and family!
Well the last Callahan turns out to be such a sweet hero. This was a great addition to the series. Can’t wait for the next book.


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