MANIACS By Sheridan Anne

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MANIACS (Depraved Sinners Book 4) By Sheridan Anne


Book/Novel Author: Sheridan Anne

Book/Novel Title: MANIACS



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It’s raining, it’s pouring.My three kings I’m mourning.Devil to wed. I think they’re dead.This phoenix will rise come morning.They’re dead.I feel it right down in the bottom of my soul.They were snatched away like trophies in the night and slaughtered before my very eyes.Those three gunshots will forever ring through my mind, tormenting every waking minute of my life.BANG! BANG! BANG!Roman. Levi. Marcus.The true leaders of the DeAngelis family and the rulers of my heart.I will avenge them.I will tear Giovanni limb from limb if that’s what it takes.All I know is that I won’t stop until it’s done.Giovanni DeAngelis will die, and when he does, it’ll be me who claims his throne.Depraved Sinners is a New Adult, Dark, Reverse Harem, Contemporary Romance series. It contains explicit sexual content, sexual abuse, graphic violence, drug abuse, and coarse language. It is recommended for mature readers.Depraved Sinners is a four-book series.MANIACS is the FINAL book in the series.
After book 3 I was curious how this series would end, but I am so happy with the ending. I have absolutely fallen in love with Shay, Roman, Levi, Marcus and Sebastian! I am so sad that this story is over, but the ending was perfect for them. Shay is one lucky lady. I will definitely read more by this author.
I thought the series was very good and that I had found a new author. However the last book in the series ending SUCKED!! Don’t know if I will bother to read any more series by Sheridan Anne because of her ending’s
Sheridan Anne has definitely pulled out her morbid artistic writing abilities in this series, but it worked. I enjoyed the characters Shane, Roman, Levi and Marcus very much and thier story. If you want alot of love and steaminess mixes with a little gruesome violence in between this series is for you! Can’t wait for what’s to come from Sheridan Anne!
This review is going to have spoilers, but I’ll give a heads up before that part. Let me start by saying I have conflicting feelings about this series. I love the characters, mostly, and found myself wanting to know their stories. This is definitely a hate to love series. The author does a good job of making your feelings shift with the writing of her characters. I liked the plot and the setting. The grammar was good, it read the way I expected the characters to talk so it made sense. However, there was a decent amount of repetition. The author used “and dammit it” a LOT! The sex scenes got repetition in their descriptions because it was basically the same actions almost every time. I mean, they were hot, but they get stale after a while. I found myself skipping through some of it by the third book. I feel like there is a decent amount of filler in here and that it was just stretched into a four book series. If some of the repetitive stuff was taken out then it could have comfortably been a three book series and not been as hard to stay with.SPOILERS BELOWBy the last book, I was rolling my eyes thinking “oh good, another confrontation where one of them are taken.” It just got old by then. I mean these are three of the most ruthless feared men on the planet and magically they just keep losing her to other people. I just felt like it became unlikely that they would have continued to leave her unattended after she was stolen the first time, but whatever. Her birth control was removed in the last book but after months of unprotected sex, she magically didn’t get pregnant and there was not even any mention that it could be a concern. She was just so starved for dick and constantly needed a drink that I guess nobody cared. It was totally glossed over. It was also frustrating that she started training with the boys on how to defend herself but never could seem to do that. Then she trains with some of the “best” militia at her mother’s mansion but that didn’t seem to make any difference to any fight she was in either. It’s like the author wanted to write a badass but then ultimately just kept making her bratty and needy. I mean she would stand up to the boys and say she could take care of herself but most of the time she couldn’t. The one time she’d shown promise was breaking out of Giovanni’s cells out the desert but then she left one dude alive who would have probably killed her or if he hadn’t then the fact that she had no provisions and just started running full speed through the desert surely would have. Two of the brothers torture her and she forgives them but not without CONSTANTLY reminding us all that she was tortured. I mean maybe it’s just me but I consider myself a mature enough reader that I don’t need every single detail spelling out or repeated over and over again just to fill pages. Nobody is going to forget they tortured her if she doesn’t bring it up on every other page. That being said, Daddy dearest rapes her and it get a mere honorable mention before she’s moved on to basically being over it. The ending wasn’t an ending. It’s like that movies that want to leave it open ended incase they want to make movie number X. I really want to like this series but I kinda don’t.
It’s a must read, I read the whole series Marcus is my favorite that crazy mf holds my heart … this book will have you sleep deprived it’s so good you can’t put it down
Honestly totally different from what I normally read. Don’t get me wrong I normally read dark themes but this one took the cake and set it self aside from the others.


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