Mark of Stars By Tessa Hale

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Mark of Stars: A Parnormal Reverse Harem Romance (The Shifting Fate Series Book 2) By Tessa Hale


Book/Novel Author: Tessa Hale

Book/Novel Title: Mark of Stars



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All Rowan wanted was a normal senior year. To fade into the background of her classmates. Instead, her entire world has been turned upside down. Words she never thought she would utter are now a part of her everyday life. Shifters. Powers. Bonds.Comfort comes from the five fated mates who would do anything to protect her. Their connections are deepening, yet Rowan isn’t convinced all of them want her. Holden has secrets. Vaughn comes to her rescue in one breath and cuts her to the core with the next. But Anson, Lucas, and Keene will do anything to make their bond work and to convince Rowan that she’s all they’ve ever wanted.They’re all trying, but each new development leaves Rowan reeling. As they realize just what kind of gift Rowan has, they discover it’s impossible to know who to trust.Because there are those who lurk in the shadows, forces that want the power Rowan has humming beneath her skin. And they will stop at nothing to get it…**Book two in a continuing three-book series. A reverse harem, why choose romance. Think fated mates, a heroine who has no idea just how special she is, broody, swoony, crazy protective heroes, and a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.**
Yet again another great book to the series. Ready to start the last book to see what happens. Can’t wait
Love Rowan, and her guys! Things are really moving along nicely, now that we know more about Rowan’s past, and her newly emerging powers. Looking forward to her final book!
I loved seeing Rowan really coming more into her powers and figuring out who she is in relation to the guys. I really feel for Vaughn, I cannot imagine feeling like you could seriously hurt people you love, I really think he has more control than he thinks he does. I cannot wait to see him realize he can be surrounded by people who care about him and not having to worry. I really like how Rowan forgives Holden but they still need to work on their relationship more to rebuild trust, and I like how they are giving each other the room to do this. So many more secrets are revealed and so many more questions popped up. I cannot wait to read book 3.

The series just keeps getting better and better with each new book. I wish there was more than just 3 I’m almost done with the series
Spoiler alert… While I really want to love this book but I just can’t. There are several issues that, while minor, just keep circling in my mind. Timelines… when she is being tested she lets it known her birthday is a week away. Then time jump a week later, nothing, several days later, nothing still, then randomly she is having her birthday. Several of those time skips happened in a way that made me confused where we were even. Mate marks… why would the quad question if hers was legitimate? She doesn’t have any tattoos and why would she gets a star outline with only one filled at the age of 17? Are mate marks unique to each person? What does Cassidy’s look like? Why do only the women seem to get the mark? Is each individual star point a different color? Why does it seem like it is something that needs to be hidden? Medical bag scene… Mason has everything inside it, from tweezers and some form of disinfectant to a suture kit but doesn’t have any form of pain killer? They don’t even offer her some ibuprofen to help with pain management. I get pulling the bullet out but she didn’t make any mention of her golden lake being drained and being unable to heal herself, especially since nothing important wasn’t damaged and she wasn’t bleeding out. Then not sure why she didn’t heal herself when she wakes up. They mention that her healing ability of herself seems to be accessed when she sleeps but she healed her stomach wounds while she was healing Vaughn after the attack by the lake. Character growth… I get that Vaughn said he would try and do better but suddenly he is all happiness and cheer, never doubting himself or his actions as he interacts with the group. No hesitation with joining in. As for Rowan, why does she easily accept Jasmine’s apology? After everything done there was no reason to accept anything wi5in a few sentences. We go from “those are probably poisoned” to “hey, thanks for the soda”. With the boys, while they have their own backgrounds several have the same feeling as each other. That being Lucius, Keene, and Holden have the whole good old fashioned country boy feeling while Vaughn and Anson are the ones with the heartbreak and dark past, though in the end they become the same as the other three. There really isn’t anything that sets them apart, not even in the way they make love with her. We have no differences in their clothes styles, things they like to do as an individual, like her and her drawings, no different styles of music… nothing. They’ve become very cookie cutter as the story goes on. Some events feel forced to make the story move. They don’t feel natural or the “issues” are wrapped up too easily or neatly. Example being her adopted parents. Even in the first book they really didn’t make an impact on the story, they were just chess pieces to help move the story along, when they could have had such a greater impactOn the story, especially since Rowan keeps aching to connect with them again. Another scene was how did Vaughn know where to find her when she got kidnapped? There wasn’t enough time for the others to catch up to her and she couldn’t mentally communicate with anyone. She had to use the kidnappers phone. What are they even using on her that blocked the mental ability, but kept her abilities accessible? I wanted to give better stars but all I am left with is more questions than answers that most likely won’t even be addressed in the next book.


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