Married to the Hustle By Lux

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Married to the Hustle: A Hustler’s Wife By Lux & Hadiya Mcduffie


Book/Novel Author: Lux

Book/Novel Title: Married to the Hustle

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Jameeka, is in love with her husband, Josiah, who is currently serving time for a charge he caught over his baby mother. Leaving Jameeka to pick up the pieces and work for everything she has, which isn’t much. By chance, she runs into her old friend , Taj, who is in love with her since they were children. Taj, sees this as his second chance to show Jameeka that he’s the one for her. But, will the people in Jameeka’s life let it be?
Brenda, has the life most women want. clothes, cars and wealth along with the biggest kingpin, her husband Quassan. Before becoming a pampered wife, she had a successful career as a video vixen, which Quassan didn’t approve of. With all the money and glitz comes drama. When an unexpected person comes and turns her marriage with Quassan upside down, Brenda will stop at nothing to end the problem and be the number one woman in his life again.
Layla, isn’t satisfied with being a side chick, but she deals with it because she loves her man. While raising their daughter and working, Layla realizes she needs to be more in her man’s life than a secret. Will this cause her man to stay, or will he leave?
Follow Brenda, Layla and Jameeka on their journey and find out that these women may have more in common than they know. **

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