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Mason’s Law (Alex Mason Book 3) By Blake Banner


Book/Novel Author: Blake Banner

Book/Novel Title: Mason’s Law



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Multiple time USA TODAY & Amazon 5-million copy bestselling authors DAVID ARCHER and BLAKE BANNER have combined forces to create one hell of a thriller series!To most people the threat of a nuclear holocaust was something that belonged to the years of the Cold War, something they associated with the United States and the Soviet Union, something that was laid to rest by Gorbachev and Reagan, back in the ‘80s, when the Berlin Wall came down.So when Alia Gallin’s murder was reported to ODIN agent Alex Mason, the last thing he thought of was that this could be part of the build up to a nuclear war. All Mason could think of was his rage, finding the killers and punishing them.Only his boss, the man they called Nero, had ordered him not to touch it: It was the Mossad’s investigation and the Mossad’s jurisdiction, not ODIN’s. But wherever he looked and whomever he turned to, all he could find were lies and betrayal.That was when Mason decided he was going to do things his own way. Little did he realize that his way would take him to London, Tel Aviv, Tehran and the very brink of Nuclear Armageddon.And perhaps beyond…
I loved this book. Book 3 was the best plot ever. The action and intrigue was nonstop. I am loving these characters
Great series, recent names and events inserted at various places, the 3rd book is a page Turner, can’t put it down book. Hope for more from the author
Really enjoyed all three Alex Mason novels! Great characters, suspenseful, with an occasional touch of humor. Once I started it was hard to put down. The author created a very smooth read and am looking forward to book 4 coming soon.
Better the 1 & 2. The series has been a fast read. Less time spent on the mundane details on 3. I really don’t care how deep the grains of wood appear.
If you love espionage and amazing heroes that a!ways win with miraculous efforts. Why only seven more words? Why not?
This is an excellent read by two of my favorite authors. The book is a plausible story of a foiled attempt by Iran to annihilate Israel. Just the right balance of adventure, murder and intrigue.


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