Mating Inferno By Lynn Hagen

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Mating Inferno By Lynn Hagen


Book/Novel Author: Lynn Hagen

Book/Novel Title: Mating Inferno


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Renny and his brother are on the run when they win at a backroom card game. Renny is stunned to learn one of the players is a demon and is accusing them of cheating. When Molimo threatens their lives, Renny and Roberto must flee. They find refuge at a fire station in Maple Grove, but Renny finds out some hard truths that rock his world, including the fact that Chief Sal Monroe isn’t even human, and claims that Renny is his mate.

On a pizza run one night Sal is approached by two men who swear they’re hungry and need someplace to warm up. Not only is Sal trying to protect his mate from a crazed demon, but there is a serial arsonist running around town setting fires, and Sal is determined to find out who it is before a life is claimed. When Renny steals Sal’s truck to find his brother, it’s up to Sal to rescue them both before Molimo has his revenge.

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.


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