Mating Monsters By M. Sinclair

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Mating Monsters (I.S.S.) By M. Sinclair


Book/Novel Author: M. Sinclair

Book/Novel Title: Mating Monsters



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My monsters had found me… and they weren’t letting me go.The institute, also known as ISS, housed the most terrifying nightmares that existed in this world…but the true monster was the one that tortured me day in and day out. The one that made me feel worthless and question if I could even call myself a monster. My mother.I knew I would never escape her. She was everywhere, and two nights before my planned escape, she threatened everything.Somehow she found out my secret. Somehow she found out about them. My monsters. The only nightmares I could call my own. And when she threatened their very lives? I decided to run, leaving with a severed heart, realizing that they would wake the next morning to find that I was long gone.They would hate me for it… Or so I thought.But what happens when they hunt me down? What happens when they show up right when I truly need them? What happens when I realize that the men who chased me halfway across the globe…are actually my mates? Mating Monsters is a standalone reverse harem novel that features possessive, territorial, and psychotic monsters that will do anything to keep their mate safe… even if it means hunting her halfway around the world. This book is filled with all the monster steam, terrifying creatures with a sweet streak for their girl, and an absolutely guaranteed HEA.Warnings: This novel includes violence, parental physical and verbal abuse, PTSD, flashbacks of mentioned abuse, swearing, and sexual content for +18.
I’m absolutely obsessed with the ISS universe and this stand-alone was everything I needed . Love love love, highly recommend.
I agree with everything review Kasey124 said in their review. There were so many missed opportunities to make this book really great and interesting, but it ended up being boring, predictable, and, overall, disappointing.
So stinking good! The characters are amazing! I love the buildup and that this is a stand alone! Can’t wait to read the next one!
I opened this book with no expectations and received a whole new world to my mind. Very descriptive and adventurous. BUT only one book? Too short for me. I would’ve made this into a series!!!
I’ve got a thing for hot monsters. I don’t know why, but I do and I loved Mating Monsters. Isla has grown up with an incredibly abusive mother who seems to only enjoy beating the ever living crap out of her, but Isla is going to be eighteen soon and then she will be free of her abusive mother. She’s so looking forward to escaping her mother. After another beating, Isla is sprawled out on the ground, lying in the rain when another nightmare comes upon her and takes her to his home. In this home, Isla meets Wyze, Ralos, and Dranos, the scariest team of Nightmares within the Institute where Isla lives. As Class A Nightmares, Wyre, Dranos and Ralos, or The Devourers are higher than Isla, who is a Class C Nightmare and she knows that the three of them will never be able to be with her because the differences in Class A and C’s would end in her death. I enjoyed this as my first book by M. Sinclair and I’m excited to read more from the I.S.S and really, I’m excited to read about a character introduced in Mating Monsters.


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