Mean Tucker By Edwina Fort

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Mean Tucker: The Bully 2 By Edwina Fort


Book/Novel Author: Edwina Fort

Book/Novel Title: Mean Tucker



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He Was My Tormenter…I don’t know what it was about me that triggered him. I was nothing special, just a girl that hid in the library with my nose buried in a book. He was the most popular guy in school. The King of the Beautiful Ones. All the girls went out of their way to be noticed by him. But he went out of his way to torture me…The First Time I Knew I Could Feel Anything, Is When I First Laid Eyes On Her…She was too good for me, all things pure and light. My hands are dirty and covered in blood. I don’t want to taint her, but my hunger for her overrides my sense of right and wrong. And when she refuses to see me, I’ll admit in my youth, I may have responded badly to that and forced her to notice me…


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