Meant to Be By Jennifer Probst

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Meant to Be (Twist of Fate Book 1) By Jennifer Probst


Book/Novel Author: Jennifer Probst

Book/Novel Title: Meant to Be



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Two broken hearts discover an unpredictable path to healing in an emotional romance about fate and second chances by New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst.It’s been two years since Chiara Kennedy lost her dearest friend, Rory. Chiara misses everything about her. Rory’s widowed husband is another story. Sebastian Ryder is a man Chiara had secretly wanted, let slip away, and hoped to never see again. Then fate throws them together for an unexpected one-night stand and a morning after of new challenges.Sebastian had a soul mate in Rory. Shutting down after his tragic loss, he kept a cool distance from everyone—including Chiara, with whom he once shared a deep if fleeting affection. That was over and done with a long time ago. But when they meet again, old emotions resurface along with a heart-wounding past that haunts them both.As Chiara and Sebastian grow closer, finally getting to know each other, Chiara struggles with feelings of guilt even as she cherishes her second chance with Sebastian. Will fate allow them to overcome the past, or are they destined to always wonder if they are truly meant to be?
Chiara and Ryder share one wonderful night together, then Rory introduces Ryder as her boyfriend. Ryder and Chiara avoid each other untill much later when he saves her from a bad bar incident. Jennifer Probst writes romance with emotional twists that look into a character’s mistakes and longings. You can’t miss with “Meant To Be”
3 StarsI’ll keep this short…This one was alright, but sadly, it just did not pack the utter magic that was The Secret Love Letters of Olivia Moretti.Basically, the MCs met once years ago but decided not to act on their mutual attraction at the time. Instead, the hero ends up marrying her best friend. They end up bumping into each other again years later after said best friend died in a tragic car accident and have a one-night stand. There were some good parts and some emotional ones that I enjoyed, but overall, this seemed like it was YA type behavior. Not the behavior of two people in their early forties. There was just too much drama in this story for me to fully connect with either character.If accidental pregnancy is your thing, this book might totally work for you. It just missed the mark for me.
This book is a little wild and unbelievable but a really decent story.lots of Angst and emotions. The psychological aspect of how your childhood shapes what you feel worthy of as an adult had a wow factor here. Also the emotional connection that you just feel with someone. I can’t wait to read more in this series because I have always enjoyed Jennifer’s books
Ms. Probst has started a new series that is also set in the New York State area. Although this trope makes me a little queasy the author made it honest, realistic and believable.The book starts with Chiara and Sebastian met at a bar and had an instant connection Chiara decides to go her way when she realize that Sebastian wants a family and she just want to be independent and free of a family e.g. husband child. We find out years later her friend Rory introduces her boyfriend and its Sebastian. Chiara pretend to not have met him before and for years they both operate this way up to him marry Rory. Rory is killed and Sebastian disappears from Chiara life. We meet up with the pair two years later where surprisingly they accidentally run into each other at a bar, Sebastian rescued her from a man who was coming on to her. We find out later that the drink that the creep had for her was drugged and by a somewhat twisted fate Sebastian drinks she takes him to her home to sleep if off and they both end up in bed together. This story deals with Chiara being scared to feel anything for Sebastian feeling she will be judge for loving her dead friends husband and feeling its wrong. As previous stated this a start to a new series so we meet the other woman in Chiara’s friend group who will definitely have their own book.
I did enjoy the story of the 4 friends starting their business and making it a success. The back and forth breaking up of Chiara and Sebastian was a little much for a couple past the age of 25. My biggest complaint was the changing name of Sebastian Ryder. The author called him Sebastian and then changed it to Ryder in the next paragraph. Please be consistent.
I didn’t hate this book but it took will to finish it. The main characters Chiara and Sebastian are ultimately MTB but it took Sebastian’s, aka Ryder, a whole entire well of patience to wade through Chiara’s ridiculous attitude and behavior.After meeting at a club and making a connection she walks away from him without putting in any work to see if their differences could be worked out. Later her friend Rory meets and falls for Sebastian. Chiara decides to be all mean girl instead of a grown-up, well you snooze you lose.Life takes hold and there begins the stupid back and forth. There’s no cheating only Chiara’s constant inner voice telling her she stole Rory’s life even though Rory is dead. I mean that went on and on. Another bestie at 70% finally told her, Rory is dead move on.Sebastian is no alpha but you have to applaud his patience. Chiara jerked him around the entire book and he had a couple of minutes of jerk doom and doubts but he was the steady one in this relationship.This book was kind of maddening and I’m not encouraged to read the second installment. Barely a three star review because it was hard to deal with the repetitive, unrealistic, false drama created by Chiara. She felt unworthy of her life because she thought it should be Rory’s life. Once again for the people in the back Rory is dead! Nothing to steal from her when she’s not there to live it.Narration was good.


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