Midnight Days By Anna Zaires

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Midnight Days (White Nights Book 2) By Anna Zaires


Book/Novel Author: Anna Zaires

Book/Novel Title: Midnight Days



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My instincts warned me that Alex Volkov is a dangerous man. My mind told me to run when he set his sights on me with unfaltering determination. It’s not that I didn’t try to resist, but Alex had a game plan. He was always one step ahead of me, skillfully drawing me deeper into his web. Even when he gave me freedom, it was only an illusion.Now, even that illusion has vanished. I’m his prisoner in the truest sense of the word, whisked away to Russia on his private plane. I no longer have a say, not while our lives are at risk, and maybe never again. Our story balances on a thin edge between disaster and happiness. With each day that passes, I grow less certain of which side the coin will land on… or if we’ll even survive.Note: This is the conclusion of Alex and Kate’s story.
This is the conclusion to Alex and Kate’s story and it was so good. At the end of the previous book, Alex practically kidnapped Kate after her life was indirectly threatened by one of his many enemies. Now whisking her off to his fortress of a residence in Russia Alex is prepared to go to whatever lengths necessary to protect the woman he has fallen for even if that means upsetting the woman herself. Kate knows Alex is only doing what he feels right to ultimately keep her safe but the way he has gone about things just doesn’t sit well. Her choices are now extremely limited and she feels practically a prisoner though one with a very luxurious cage. Alex is also keeping secrets and this lack of transparency however well-meaning only pushes her further away. Feeling like a possession and having her choices taken away continues to drive a wedge. Alex just wants to keep Kate safe and oblivious to how much danger she is actually in. Of course, he feels guilt over how things are but if it keeps Kate safe well that’s his ultimate end game. But the more he tries to cocoon her away and shield her from the reality of his world and the situation they are both currently in the further it seems to alienate Kate who just wants the truth from him be it good or bad. But even when these two were at odds there chemistry together was never in question this was absolutely red hot in heat and it’s so easy to see that Alex would go to the ends of the earth for his Katerina as she would him. Through all this even when at her lowest Kate’s feelings for Alex stayed true to the course. There was action and romance and passion some slight OW drama. All throughout this, there was an underlying sense of danger that kept me on edge just waiting for everything to implode. Kate is now firmly ensconced in Alex’s world and it’s like nothing she could ever have imagined. This was definitely well written and such an easy page-turner a really great finish to this duet which I’ve enjoyed immensely.
The second book was the perfect way to end the duet. There were some moments that made me hold my breath in suspense, but the ending was perfect. I loved that the Molotovs were linked into the duet, it was a nice unexpected addition. I highly recommend this duet and everything else these two write.
Much more Interesting than1 . good read with twists not expected. The end left an important wedding out but all in all ended up very well
This was book two and I must say I enjoyed both books! Love comes in mysterious way! This couple went thrill their trials and trivia but you will have to reader for yourself to find out how far each of them will go for love!
I can not believe this series, I wasn’t able to put either books down ,they are so good ,the storyline is very good ,it has everything you need in a book , drama , supence, sex etc . I would recommend this series to anyone who loves to read .
My 4 star is only bcoz I got a little tired of all the graphic sex. Good story. Good characters. Leave a little to the imagination.


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