Midnight Oath By Naomi West

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Midnight Oath (Tasarov Bratva Book 1) By Naomi West


Book/Novel Author: Naomi West

Book/Novel Title: Midnight Oath



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My fiancé is screaming at me in public.But I’m used to it.My role here is to look pretty on his arm and to play nice so he doesn’t hurt my sick daughter.What I’m not used to is the man who comes to my rescue.Adrik Tasarov is a tall glass of gorgeous.He’s got a jawline that could cut glass and eyes that could melt steel.Best of all: my fiancé is absolutely terrified of him.So when Adrik asks me to dance, I say yes.And when he asks me to do a little more than that, I say it again.Then comes the make-or-break moment.Adrik offers me a fake marriage to get me out of my real one.And so I say the two little words that seal my fate: “I do.”But little did I know I was signing a deal with the devil. Now, I’m a prisoner in a beautiful mansion.I can have anything I want—except for my freedom.But I have an ace up the sleeve.Something my fake husband doesn’t know about.Something that will change everything.His baby in my belly.MIDNIGHT OATH is the first book in the Tasarov Bratva duet from bestselling mafia romantic suspense author Naomi West. Adrik and Emery’s story carries on into Book 2, MIDNIGHT LIES!
HmmmSingle 25yr old mom with 6 yr old with muscular dystrophyParents worth millions but turned their back on her- she was raped.Engaged to creepy Senator so kid gets experimental treatment and he gets her trust fund available when she marries (REALLY people 🙄)Meets single Bratva dude at fundraiser with creepy fiancé who is told that night by his dad he must marry to lead oh and dad has cancer so do it quick.She asks for his help to get away from Senator & he needs wife. Result is marriage dealOh and Bratva dudes younger brother seems to be her rapist and baby daddy- she remembers tattoo and scar….She consistently comes unglued and freakish with respect to her daughter safety, and comments she is her only protector. But then drives a car @ 100+ mph and slams breaks before barely reaching dead end. After running stop signs too. She engages in behaviors that are psychotic not with self preservation in mind.I think the writer would have been better off with a more limited story line, taking more time to develop the characters and their pasts. Then let them evolve and cross paths instead of just dropping us right into the middle. At this point I don’t like any of them and have no vested interest. Will not read book 2.
Omg I loved this book, I have never read anything from this author but I will now. It was a great story line and very captivating
Emery is annoying, frustrating, immature, never closes her mouth. She begged Adrik to rescue her then wants to tell the future don what to do and how to behave. The continuous back and forth between the two characters is childish and boring. Isabella is going to be spoiled rotten. Adrik is an abusive, alpha male but true to his bratva upbringing. Really find it hard to fault his actions since he is the responsible adult. Story is just too convoluted and irrational.
So messed up. Dance between violence and love that fails to deliver a believable love story at the end.Romance level: open door bedroom scenes. Dominance messiness.
This book is so good it will keep you on you toes and guessing. The characters are fantastic. The twists and turns make you keep reading. I couldn’t put it down.
I really really wanted to like this book. But by page 100 I couldn’t stand the main character. They were outlandish over the top, needed dialed back 50%. By page 200 I hated her it was painfully obviously only going to get worse. I know it’s a book but come on make it believable. Her actions etc complete contradiction to well everything. Half the book is just unrealistic actions/reactions that contradicte her entire life or purpose etc. I guess they took theatrical rights to try to full pages


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