Mike Bravo Ops By Eden Finley

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Mike Bravo Ops: Iris By Eden Finley


Book/Novel Author: Eden Finley

Book/Novel Title: Mike Bravo Ops



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Mike Bravo. Knights in shining … camo. IrisI live for adrenaline. The thrill of the chase. And because I work for Mike Bravo, a private black-ops firm, it’s my job to go into dangerous situations.But when we’re called in to extract a military team from a hostile situation, the thrill is so much better. Because one of those men happen to be the golden boy from my basic training days.Brock “Saint” Harlow was a walking Captain America in the flesh. The perfect soldier.Now my boss wants to recruit him, and I can’t wait to rub it in his face that he was rescued by me. The class clown.I’m not called Iris “I require intense supervision” for nothing.SaintMilitary life is all I’ve known since I was born. I was raised to be a soldier.But when a top-secret mission fails, I find myself suddenly discharged with nowhere to go.Mike Bravo saved my life, and they want me to join them, but there’s one small problem.Isaac “Iris” Griffin.He’s as irresistibly snarky as he always was, only there’s a big difference this time. I’m no longer closeted or scared to live my truth. And the truth is, I’ve always wanted him.It’s against Mike Bravo’s rules to fraternize with other team members, and I always follow orders.But something tells me Iris might be worth the insubordination.
The anticipation for this book was absolutely worth it. The world building in this series of books is absolutely phenomenal and the character development is mind blowing, from the Fake boyfriend book series, through the CU hookey & Famous series now Mike Bravo absolutely amazing and weaving different stories in the different book series but also having different tie ins is fantastic. What is even more amazing is the fact that you don’t have to read the other book series to understand the other but for maximum enjoyment just do, you will not regret it.
Was it me or the book? Maybe a bit of both. There was nothing new. Nothing revelatory here. It was a bit of enemies to lovers, but not really. They jumped into bed straight away & that killed the UST that I live for in the trope. HEA GREAT NARRATION Will not be a reread for me. Enjoy?
Those first two chapters though. I know the rest of the book is more character building, and sexual tension, and camaraderie, and excellent stuff. But, I really loved how Eden Finley introduced us to Iris and Saint and how they became reacquainted with each other. It just set it all up so beautifully. I love how this story showed us how multi-faceted Iris is and not just a big ol’ playboy in all senses of the word. Highly anticipating the next (and the entire) in the series!!

The author walks a tight line between suspense, special ops action and romance – with all of it very well done. Humor and a sense of none of the men taking themselves TOO seriously helps to off-set the serious life threatening events. PTSD is mentioned but not with overwhelming symptoms. Sexy times are 4/5 for heat and not OTT in action or frequency. Iris and Saint start off with a lot of snarky banter that almost gets to be too much. At about the 41% point I was hoping some of the snark would simmer down….which it does eventually. But never totally – because who would these guys be if they couldn’t give each other a bit of grief now and then? LOL. Around the 67% mark things felt a little slow, but not quite boring. The pace picks up and things come to a close with a predictable end. This is the first book I have read by this author and I look forward to others.
This one started off slow for me but I eventually fell. The romance was good to dwell on more so then the Gizmos plot but it also set up for up coming books. the MCs Banter was funny and warm then it was just fun. The heat rating was pretty high too.


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