Misadventures With a Master By Meredith Wild

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Misadventures With a Master: A Misadventures Novella By Meredith Wild & Mia Michelle


Book/Novel Author: Meredith Wild

Book/Novel Title: Misadventures With a Master

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***Master. That’s what they call him.***
I’ve spent my life in a cage, cloistered by politics and social maneuvering. A prisoner to expectation. Yet I’d give anything to be a certain man’s slave.
A year ago, I wouldn’t have recognized the woman I’ve become. That was before I discovered Crave. Before Demitri ripped the inhibitions clean off my body the first time he undressed me with his icy blue eyes in the club that fateful night.
Now he’s all I can think about. I can’t breathe until he makes me his. Except he won’t take me until he breaks me. And I’m not an easy submissive to break.

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