Misbegotten By Kat Parrish

Misbegotten: An L.A. Nocturne novella by Kat Parrish

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Book/Novel Author: Kat Parrish

Book/Novel Title: Misbegotten

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Do you know how old a vampire has to be before it begins to show its age? The one sitting across the table from me looked 60—silver-haired and still vigorous—but I knew he was much, much older. He’d told me once he’d been born into the blood when he was only 14 and that had been some time during the 50-year reign of Djer, back in Egypt’s 1st Dynasty. That made him something like five thousand years old, give or take a century. He’d told me once in his youth he had been beautiful, even before his transformation. I saw no reason to doubt it. Even now, even to my eyes, he was a handsome man. Los Angeles reporter Kira Simkins works the paranormal crime beat, telling the stories of crimes among the city’s less ordinary citizens. When a vampire turns up dead and the city’s godfather seems to be losing control of his “family,” Kira is the first to see that what’s going on reaches far beyond family dynamics and into the very paranormal power structure itself. And that makes things personal because Kira is a “misbegotten,” the child of a woman who was pregnant when she received the “sharp kiss.” Kira has always lived by one rule—“I don’t date monsters.” But a sexy werewolf is going to test that resolve as he becomes part of her investigation into the vampire murders that may or may not be linked to a bold power play to take over the City of Angels. The first book in a trilogy (no cliffhangers), MISBEGOTTEN introduces a Los Angeles unlike anything we’ve ever seen before and a heroine who is at home working both the day and the night shifts.

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