Mischief, Mayhem, and Marriage By Rebecca Connolly

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Mischief, Mayhem, and Marriage (Supposed Scandal) By Rebecca Connolly


Book/Novel Author: Rebecca Connolly

Book/Novel Title: Mischief, Mayhem, and Marriage



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One good scandal deserves another…Lady Alexandrina Lawson has never minded her widowhood. After the disaster that was her first marriage, she found it rather enjoyable, despite the pity she received. What the public saw as devoted mourning to a respected man was, in fact, a complete disinterest in participating in anything Society could offer her ever again. When an invitation to a cousin’s London event proves disastrous for Alexandrina, her reputation, and that of her child, her choice becomes simple: rescue or ruin.Enter Taft Debenham, Earl of Harwood.Taft could not have less interest in Lady Lawson or her cold manner, but neither could he stand by and let her suffer a forced marriage to a drunken idiot. Sacrificing himself on the altar of Society, thinking how his own reputation might benefit, he provides a rather clever solution: marry the woman himself, and claim outrage for the offenses against her. Over the protests of his bride, and those of his own sanity, Taft begins the greatest scheme he could ever imagine. Nothing surprises him more than beginning to discover that his wife has a heart beneath her icy exterior.And that he would do almost anything to claim it.Mischief, Mayhem, and Marriage is a sweet Regency romance and can be read as a stand-alone or as the sequel to Rebecca Connolly’s previous novel, The Rivals of Rosennor Hall. It is also part of the upcoming Supposed Scandal series.
Book was ok. Not great. Predictable plot. Dialog kind of tedious. Truthfully I found it kind of boring. First time reading this author. I might give her another chance but maybe this regency period isn’t her best showcase
Oh I enjoyed this book! Great plot with excellent character development. Several places where I was cheering on the characters. The banter between the two of them was delightful and got more so as the book went on. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy Ms Connolly’s books!
I love the witty banter of all her characters. It’s what makes her novels so engaging. However, I find the phrase “every fiber of his/her being” so romance-novel-cliché that it irks me to no end when I find it among the pages of an otherwise original & delightful novel.
This is just a feel good book. The author does a great job of setting the stage, then forming character personalities that add charm.. The banter between the couple is delightful and the addition of a son/step son adds further depth. As stated, it is a feel good read!
Fun story with humor and heart. Honestly, the only thing I didn’t love about this book was the cover. Each time I look at it on my phone, it looks like she’s pregnant. Prolly has to do with the size of my screen and the size of the image, because I had to zoom in to figure out it is her fan held in front of her. Awesome story.
I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a sweet regency romance. Taft and Alexandrian are great characters and their story is cute and fun


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4.9/5310 ratings