Miserable Lies By Nolon King

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Miserable Lies By Nolon King


Book/Novel Author: Nolon King

Book/Novel Title: Miserable Lies



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How many wrongs make a right?Deputy Chief Quentin “Port” Porter is famous for catching the infamous Magistrate Killer, Linus Cole, whose murder spree included his best friend and partner, Miles Tate.Port’s heroics caught the nation’s imagination, inspiring film and television, and skyrocketing his career while making him famous and wealthy.Just one problem — Port may have lied about a key element of the case to put Cole away for crimes he was sure he’d committed. Now, years later, as Cole is scheduled for execution, some are publicly questioning Cole’s guilt. When a new killer strikes using the same M.O. and going after targets related to the original case, Port finds himself searching for answers before the killer strikes again. His job gets harder when Danica Tate, now a criminal psychologist, is brought in to consult on the case. Despite the fact that Port raised Danica after her father’s death and her mother’s descent into madness, the young woman won’t listen to him when he warns her away. She wants closure, but the deeper she digs, the more doubts she has — not just about the case, but about Port’s role in her father’s death.Now Port must race against the clock to protect Danica, find the new killer, and prevent the world from learning of his MISERABLE LIES, so a killer doesn’t walk free.Miserable Lies is a new stand-alone thriller by Nolon King, author of the No Justice series, 12, Pretty Killer, and Hidden Justice.
This was a good read. The mystery and overall theme kept me entertained and encouraged me to continue reading. The author took the time to develop good characters with real emotional problems and conflict. The chapters did not seem rushed and the ending was left open enough that a sequel could be written at a later date. I would recommend it.

I liked the way the plot unfolded and all the hidden secrets of the characters. Danica learns that life is based on lies until she discovers the truth.
I enjoyed reading MISERABLE LIES by Nolon King. Loved the Danica character. I recommend it to mystery readers.
I liked the action and thought processes of the characters. There was a couple grammar mistakes but it didn’t detract from the story. Overall good read!!


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