Miss Delightful By Grace Burrowes

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Miss Delightful: Mischief in Mayfair Book Two By Grace Burrowes


Book/Novel Author: Grace Burrowes

Book/Novel Title: Miss Delightful



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Miss Dorcas Delancey, vicar’s daughter and advocate for the less fortunate, has been  guarding her heart from fortune hunters and fashionable fribbles for years. She’s completely unprepared for Alasdhair MacKay, former officer and all around grouch, to steal that heart. But when Alasdhair takes on responsibility for a motherless infant whom Dorcas’s family won’t acknowledge, she sees the honor lurking beneath his gruff mannerisms.Alasdhair MacKay did not storm hell with Wellington’s army just so he could drink, swive, and flirt his way through life after Waterloo. He’s serious, intelligent, and passionate about his causes–also passionate in his regard for Dorcas. He’s the man of her dreams and a paragon in plaid, but looming scandal means Dorcas will have to choose between love and the honor Alasdhair so relentlessly values.Read more
I have literally read thousands of Regency novels. Grace Burrows certainly knows how to spin a tale and keep us turning the pages.
Alasdhair’s love, admiration, and courtly behavior toward Dorcas made this story for me. I could not ask anymore from a book boyfriend. It overcomes Dorcas’ contradictory behavior and the narrative about Melanie. The villain’s ghastly efforts and manipulations, while jaw dropping, weren’t quite satisfying enough to earn a place on my villains-you-love-to-hate list.
The hero of our story is Alasdhair MacKay, deeply haunted by the aftermath of the battle at Badajoz. He’s gruff, but with a dry wit that made me laugh. He also has a reputation for helping those in need, involved especially in the plight of women forced to work the streets. Enter Dorcas, the local vicar’s daughter, who hands him a baby presented to her by her cousin shortly before she is reported as drowned in the Thames. How their relationship develops is, ahem, delightful, and a joy to read. There is mayhem here: blackmail, extortion, and a mystery to be solved before they get their HEA, but you will very much enjoy their journey.
I always look forward to finding a new Grace Burrowes book on my reader and this series is…well, delectable and delightful. Dorcas Delaney is the outwardly prim daughter of a vicar who has a heart of gold. When Alasdhair MacKay, retired army officer, becomes the reluctant guardian to her cousin’s child, Dorcas becomes involved in his life also.It’s a lovely story with all Ms. Burrowes trademark romance characteristics. It’s charming and real, also a little different from the usual historical romances plot. I’m enjoying this series a lot and can’t wait for more.
Ms. Delancey and Major MacKay meet head on as she demands he take on an abandoned infant.Let the feathers fly!What fun to watch these two strong-willed, compassionate people stumble their way into love.Sooo delightful.
What a pleasant story this is. The characters’ interactions were spectacular. There was never a dull or slow part. The flow was smooth and interesting. The plot was clever, not the typical cookie cutter Regency romance but a very believable romance. I’m glad I read it & will check out the other two stories in the series.


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