Miss Dignified By Grace Burrowes

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Miss Dignified: Mischief in Mayfair Book Three By Grace Burrowes


Book/Novel Author: Grace Burrowes

Book/Novel Title: Miss Dignified



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Lydia Lovelace has taken the housekeeper’s post in the London home of Captain Dylan Powell. The captain is short on charm, but he’s known for his rapport with, and support of, former soldiers trying to make a peacetime life in London. Unbeknownst to the captain, Lydia is searching for a brother who never came home after Waterloo, a brother whose birthright, along with Lydia’s settlements, is being frittered away by scheming family members.Dylan has never viewed his home as much more than a place to take meals and sleep out of the wet while he finds paying work and good positions for his former subordinates. The new housekeeper is changing all of that, bringing comfort and tranquility to Dylan’s domicile and to his days. When Dylan and Lydia begin to explore pleasures shared in the night, Lydia realizes she will have to choose between loyalty to her long-lost brother and a future with the captain who has stolen her heart.
A delightful story and romance between Lydia and Dylan. Their happily ever after was enjoyable to read.
It’s lovely to read the adventures of all the family members, and amazing that one author can manufacture so very many plot twists!
The flow of the story between the head bousekeeper and the Scottish retired captain . She loosened cottage in a storm a removed
An actual plot, great characters, and written in the king’s English. Is there a better recommendation for a book? I think not

Sometimes a slowly paced book can be a bit tedious, but I loved so much of what went into this story that I didn’t mind meandering along in Dylan and Lydia’s world. The history was very interesting, the language (thankfully) appropriate for the period and “the big misunderstanding” was relatively brief. Very likeable protagonists, a well-developed supporting cast and a bit of a twist made this a great read.


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