Moment of Tooth By Lindsay Buroker

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Moment of Tooth (A Witch in Wolf Wood Book 4) By Lindsay Buroker


Book/Novel Author: Lindsay Buroker

Book/Novel Title: Moment of Tooth



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Morgen Keller’s life has been chaotic since she inherited her grandmother’s old house—and her legacy as a witch.Werewolves regularly attack her, familiars spy on her, and enemies she didn’t ask for keep lighting her property on fire.Through everything, she’s been fortunate to have one steadfast ally: Amar.The lone werewolf is a fearsome fighter, a loyal protector, and he’s sexy in nothing but a magical talisman.Just as Morgen and Amar overcome most of her problems and officially start dating, trouble from his past arrives in town. The powerful enemy who long ago slew his parents has come to finish off the family.As strong as Amar is, he may not be able to handle his old nemesis alone. But will he let Morgen help? And is it within her fledgling power as a witch to do so?
Each book in series has it’s own story, no cliff hangers waiting for next book to come out. We’ll written & edited, good plots. Enjoyable & intriguing, with some really funny parts.
I really enjoyed this series, it was nothing like the others I read. WAS VERY UNIQUE. GREAT WRITER.DIDNT FIND ANY NISTAKES IN THE WRITTING.

It seems as though you picked a topic on the fringe of your Genre and set about to create a storyline that is first of all fun, thought provoking, believably magical and in a place where readers are likely evoked to search for. The characters would mostly all have qualities of a hero/heroine. A few irredeemable exceptions would keep a balance grounded in reality. The balances of Good vs: Evil, Light vs: Dark, Love vs: Hate & Protect vs: Destroy will take the readers on a breath catching clash of magic & battles tantamount to a High Wire battle of wills with no safety measures taken. 2 things I’d like to share with you. 1) this was the first of your books I’ve ever read. 2) I can’t wait for book 5!
Great book a a great series. What’s not to like about a witch and a werewolf falling in love. Sometimes opposites do attract. A new witch still finding out about her budding powers. She finds friends and enemies in her deceased grandmothers town. Can they survive and come to grips with this budding and forbidden romance.
I don’t think it’s a spoiler to reveal that Morgen has to deal with werewolves and witches, and it’s sometimes hard to tell who’s fighting with her and who’s against her. Oh and supernatural folks who aren’t werewolves, and the nude dancing to power spells. Then there are the mundane annoyances like tax bills. With all the buildup throughout the book the result of one battle was a bit of a letdown. Morgen just uses new-found magic to win. A few scratches here and there, and some howling. Woof woof!


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4.9/5309 ratings