Monroe Doctrine By James Rosone

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Monroe Doctrine: Volume IV By James Rosone


Book/Novel Author: James Rosone

Book/Novel Title: Monroe Doctrine



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When she won the presidency……the world was in crisis.Would Blain be able to maintain her trust at this crucial hour?The Chinese were driven out of the Caribbean, but Blain knew it was at a terrible cost. There were those in the administration that had lost their nerve. The President was determined to slay the Jade Dragon, but would he be able to get her what she needs to win?A divided cabinet threatens everything.Is the political pressure too much?The Japanese have stepped up. They’ve deployed forces to the mainland, but is it too little too late to make a difference?A massive Chinese army seeks to divide Russia in two and break the supply lines. One Italian artilleryman fights to stay alive. If he can just get into position, he’ll call in the strike, and the Chinese won’t know what hit them. It could be the break NATO needs, but the odds are against him.The most dangerous front……is on the airwaves.With socially engineered deepfakes and propaganda sowing the seeds of distrust across the globe, the tech giants are at the center of it all. Can they be stopped?Will freedom of speech be lost, and with it, all hope?You’ll love Volume Four in The Monroe Doctrine saga because this one strikes close to home and we must all be prepared for when fiction becomes our reality.Get it now.
I wanted to like this book but had to delete it from my Kindle about 25% through. The dialogue was trite with constant catch phrases (e.g., “hurry up and wait” re the Army). The language wooden. The format simplistic: one chapter one character. The action expected. The characters one dimensional. I liked the Rise of the Republic series. Though it too was one dimensional, wooden characters, etc the overall story was more fun. I have read over 150 books on Kindle while my dog Bravo and I go on our daily walk. I have fully deleted only 4 or 5 including this one. I will not be buying any more of his books with so much available. He is just not a very good writer.
The authors have managed to weave a story of a possible situation and to build interest. A truly man’s saga.
Good book, continuous;y moves along. Good war concepts shows casualties on both sides like all wars. Doesn’t make it a one-sided process/
If you enjoy reading endless descriptions of military operations,and equipment couple with military jargon one acronyms then this is a book for you. I got to the third book of this series to see how it developed and if it got better, but by the third book I started shopping whole chapters of gratuitous fighting without impacting the storyline.,and decided to bail out . As the number of reviews steadily decrease with every book I think I am not the only one to cut bait and run.
A great near future war series that probes in detail what could happen with China and AI vs the west and russia.
This series is great. Just like all the other series of books . I can’t wait for the final book in the series.


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