Monroe Doctrine By James Rosone

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Monroe Doctrine: Volume III By James Rosone


Book/Novel Author: James Rosone

Book/Novel Title: Monroe Doctrine



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As the dragon awoke……the world came together.Would it be enough to stop China?WWIII wasn’t what any of the analysts expected. Across the globe, battles raged. Taiwan fell. Fighting continued in the Caribbean and South America. The Russian Far East had invaders, and nobody seemed able to stop this new Red Army.With the world in chaos……it was hard to unravel the pieces.Would one U.S. pilot give them hope?On the first day of the war, his F-22 Raptor was shot down over Cuba. Lieutenant Colonel Ian “Racer” Ryan survived, escaped, and now had the Air Force’s 6th generation fighter under him. Would it be enough to outsmart the Chinese AI defenses?Was this the turning point……or the end?You’ll love this third book in The Monroe Doctrine series because the stakes have gotten higher than ever and it will keep you on the edge of your seat.Get it now.Read more
I couldn’t put this down.Already looking forward to the next book. I have read all of Miranda and James books.Always a great read.
There are surprises on almost every page. I had to look up numerous military acronyms, which was educational in itself. It was obvious the authors knowa great deal about military equipment and capabilities. I wanted to move directly to volume 4, but it’s not out yet.
As this saga continues you can’t help but recall snippets from current news stories. Is this a novel or an omen?
Another excellentbook James!Not only could I not put it down,but I had to remind myself this is fiction :).The many interwovencharacters/subplots kept me glued to the pages.I’d say you’re right up there with Griffin, cussler and Dale Brown.Keep up the great work !
The war rages on. The United States and it’s Allies continue to make gains in El Salvador after securing Cuba. In the meantime the planning for the invasion of Venezuela continues.I would have given five stars except I felt there was too much focus on details of combat and not enough on the politics of the war on both sides.That being said I enjoyed the book and look forward to reading the rest of the series.
The format of the previous two books in the series continues.We have set pieces with different characters, different military units, and different situations.Each shows us some fast paced, cutting edge high tech battles.


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