Moon Monster By J. R. Rain

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Moon Monster By J. R. Rain & Matthew S. Cox


Book/Novel Author: J. R. Rain

Book/Novel Title: Moon Monster

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**After a near-fatal adventure in another world?a world of dragons, no less?Samantha Moon is ready for her first real vacation in nearly a decade. With a little money in her pocket from the sale of a mansion left to her by her vampire sire, Sam sets her sights on a whirlwind European tour.**
Second stop: Loch Ness.
Sam books a two-hour tour of the infamous Loch with her friends and family?and yes, she even makes a Gilligan’s Island joke or two. However, fun and games ends when Allison accidentally sends the boat back in time… seventy millions years back in time, when plesiosaurus ruled the Loch.
Except the gentle giants don’t quite rule the Loch. No. Something bigger does, something nasty and hungry… and it’s going to take Sam and the gang’s combined skills to not only get out of this one alive… but to find a way back home, too.
*From #1 bestselling Kindle authors J.R. Rain and Matthew S. Cox comes* Moon Monster *, part two of Samantha Moon’s adventures through Europe, a riveting collection of eight short tales to be published over the next few months.*

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