Moonshine & Menace By Kathleen Brooks

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Moonshine & Menace: Moonshine Hollow #5 By Kathleen Brooks


Book/Novel Author: Kathleen Brooks

Book/Novel Title: Moonshine & Menace



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Polly Lurie had been battling evil for centuries, but everything changed when she was selected to teach Zoey Rode how to use her new powers. Together they defeated evil and Zoey took her place among the witches, even finding love with the dark and dangerous Slade. Polly wishes to find that same love. Only the one man she’s interested in doesn’t seem to think of her as anything but a friend. Samuel Mannering had loved and lost during the war between good and evil. For four hundred years, he’d been Slade’s right hand as they fought evil together. Now witches are coming together once again, love is all around, and he only has eyes for Polly Lurie. The trouble is, he knows she can’t be his true love. Or can she?Zoey and Slade know the happiness of the witches in Moonshine Hollow, Tennessee won’t last. She’s seen it in her visions. For the first time in four hundred years, witches feel safe. But that illusion of safety is about to be ruined. The war they once thought over is just beginning as menacing dark magic appears in Moonshine Hollow.
This story is so beautifully written, there is great character development, suspenseful storylines that keep you on the edge of your seat, and a heartwarming sense of family and community. I would highly recommend this series
If you haven’t read the series stop go to book one through four and read it. You won’t regret it! Love this amazing series. You can start with this book if you want to but you will miss out on so much love and Magic!
I absolutely love this series!!! Once again Kathleen Brooks has outdone herself!!! If you haven’t read this series I encourage you to start with the very first book. Then move on to her other series too! They don’t have the magical aspect but oh my are they so amazing!
Kathleen Brooks has done it again! The love, friendship and come togetherness of a community at its best! I can’t wait for the last book in this series!
I told my daughters and their friends of this series and the others from Kathleen Brooks and they all loved reading them as much as me. We text each other to make sure we know when the new book is out or coming out. I love the town of moonshine hollow and the people in it. Zoey and her friends come alive in each book.
Wonderful storyline. Interesting characters. A well thought paranormal plot pitting good magic against black magic. Enjoyable and very hard to put down.


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4.9/5309 ratings