Morally Imperfect By Savannah Rose

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Morally Imperfect: A Bully Romance By Savannah Rose


Book/Novel Author: Savannah Rose

Book/Novel Title: Morally Imperfect

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There are so many more secrets to be uncovered. Pasts that will never be forgotten. Loves that will never be lost. 
Cornelia thinks she knows me. She’s wrong about that. Just as wrong as she is about knowing herself.
Sure, Maddox might walk like Prince Charming. He might even talk like him to. But we have something they will never have. 
A past.
And where there’s a past, there will also be a future.  
A bully romance that will keep you on your toes. Featuring scenes from high school as well as scenes where our protagonists are older and more mature.

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