More Than Enough By Sloane Kennedy

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More Than Enough (Pelican Bay, Book 4) By Sloane Kennedy


Book/Novel Author: Sloane Kennedy

Book/Novel Title: More Than Enough



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SawyerHiding and running, that’s what I’m good at. It’s who I am. It’s who I have to be…For Sawyer Brower, the picture-perfect town of Pelican Bay was just supposed to be another place to take refuge for a few months before moving on. One year later finds the seemingly unflappable wildlife veterinarian settling into what’s supposed to be the quiet life of contentment he’s always wanted.But there’s nothing quiet about the arrival of the gorgeous but very bitter ex-soldier who seems intent on destroying what’s left of his life after losing his legs to an IED.JettI didn’t just lose my legs in that godforsaken desert, I lost the man I used to be… the man I should’ve been. How the hell am I supposed to come back from that? I can’t. I won’t…While it took years of hard work and determination for Jett Sharpe to prove he deserved a spot in a prestigious military academy followed by an illustrious career in the army, it took just seconds for it to all be over. With nearly all of his brothers-in-arms lost to a roadside bomb and his own future irrevocably changed, Jett’s got little left to live for.So when his best friend shows up in Oklahoma with an ultimatum—go freely with him to Minnesota or by court order— Jett knows he has little choice in the matter. But hell if he’s going to make it easy on any of the men who keep trying to convince him he’s family.Two men running, one from the past, the other from the future…Nothing about Sawyer and Jett makes sense. Not after their disastrous first meeting and most certainly not the white-hot chemistry that keeps pulling them together. Scarred minds and wounded souls are forgotten when desire takes over, but masks have a way of settling back into place for two men who have nothing real to hang on to.Can Sawyer and Jett let the walls that are keeping them safe within themselves fall or will they miss out not only on each other, but the very thing the town of Pelican Bay is offering them?A place to call home.
Three stars because I finished the book.Jett is depressed, but otherwise the most mentally healthy gay man in Pelican Bay. Sawyer is perhaps the most messed up. They find each other attractive, but start off on the wrong foot.This relationship is not healthy. They’re saying they love each other, but there’s nothing to love. They barely know each other, and what they know isn’t good. Apparently, Sawyer is only attracted to guys who treat him badly. Jett just wants sex. Yuck! I had to skip through the sex scenes.Sawyer’s back story might be triggering to some. I found it hard to read.Despite the failure to draw me into this relationship, I liked Jett and Sawyer. You might want to read this story if you’re enjoying the series and want to keep your timeline filled in.
It was great to go back to see how everyone is doing in this series. Newt steals every scene that he’s in per usual. Sawyer and Jett had many ups and down on their way to their HEA. There were many parts of the book that I loved especially Sawyer with the animals and Jett working with Apollo, but the push and pull of their relationship was a lot for me.
I do so love this group of characters you are writing in this series. Each book moves the overall story along as well introduces us to a new couple, you are awesome at doing that. Thank you for your hard work.
While I liked the basic story, I had some problems. I have also read the first book in the series, but haven’t read books 2,3, or 5. My problem? This book’s story was so full of characters and story threads from the other books, that the main thread was overwhelmed. So many secondary characters. So confusing, and unnecessary. I know that some folks like to read a series from front to back. While I have done this on occasion, it isn’t my usual method. I’d argue that even if you have read the other books and liked their stories, littering this book with so many characters and irrelevant scenes muddled this story.
This story was okay compared to the previous storyline, some of them were okay while the others were just a smitten better ! I think I will forego the rest of this series
Realizing true strength comes within not muscle strength. Vet Doc Bower, aka Sawyer has some demons he thought he held at bay but facing them down he has to realize he worth it & strong enough. Jet a veteran that has come back from military service with more scars then most. He ready to give up but his friends have better choice. The events that prove your darkest days and when you dig deep & reach for that helping hand to see the light. No one wants to ask for help but eventually we need it and its nice to give. Lean on me – is a perfect song for this story.


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