Moth By Lily Mayne

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Moth: MM Monster Romance (Monstrous Book 5) By Lily Mayne


Book/Novel Author: Lily Mayne

Book/Novel Title: Moth



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When I—along with my best friend and his big purple monster boyfriend—come across a fortress-like raider camp while journeying across the monster-infested Wastes, we stop to deliver a message.Somehow, that simple pit stop turns into a seemingly impossible quest to get this camp’s missing leader out of the prison where he’s being held and forced to fight monsters and other humans. And I know exactly where it is, because I’ve been there.Problem is, I’m making this journey with the prickliest and most arrogant guy I’ve ever met, who seems to immediately hate me on sight. Oh, and he’s also half monster. So there’s that. And he’s in love with a raider who definitely does not love him back, and he seems determined to take it out on me. So there’s also that.But I’m not going to rise to his childish insults and barbed words. I’m not.I’m also going to try very hard to ignore how mindnumbingly beautiful he is, even when he’s scowling at me.But the longer we’re out here together, the more I learn about my prickly half monster companion Moth. I realise there’s a reason he’s so closed off and angry. There’s a reason he hates everyone.There are secrets he’s been keeping, and when I find out what they are, I want to do everything in my power to help him—even though he’s telling me he can’t be helped.Moth is Book Five of the Monstrous series, a post-apocalyptic m/m fantasy series that features monsters and human men falling in love. It is best to read the series in order. Warning: This m/m love story contains explicit sexual content and is not suitable for young readers. It also contains graphic depictions of death and violence.
Charlie is ex-military. He had been captured and imprisoned. Luckily his friend Hunter and his monster mate Edin rescued him in a prior book. Now he lives with Hunter and Erin. The three travel to a raiders camp to give a message. That is when Charlie meets Moth. Moth is a halfbreed. He was born in a time before the monsters claimed earth. Part human and part monster he is accepted by neither. Moth lives at the raider camp but has no ties or loyalty to anyone. But his life will change forever when he volunteers to go on a rescue mission with the human Charlie. Charlie is everything Moth isn’t. He is friendly and confident. He is a man who is always accepted and loved. No one has ever accepted or loved Moth. I would give this book more then five stars if possible. The vulnerability and pain in Moth is heart breaking. I immediately fell for Moth. I wanted him to find his love. Charlie was quick to let Moth know that he wasn’t prejudiced. When Charlie develops feelings for Moth, he is gentle with his approach and ALWAYS shows him respect and kindness. The wat Charlie was with Moth made this book. It was so sweet when Moth began to slowly respond to Charlie. At times I wanted to cry for Moth. He felt so ugly and hideous. But all Charlie saw was beauty. The romance was a ten. The sex scenes were intense. My kindle caught on fire a couple of times. Lol! I loved the introduction of Chuck. And was so happy to read about Wyn and Danny. I cannot wait for the next book! This a full story line. It is well worth the money. I know I will reread this book many times!
Beautiful, self conscious Moth who has never had anyone care for him and has built up a stone wall to protect himself from a life time of rejection and disappointment – Charlie the perfect gentle funny sunshine ready to do what it takes – more wonderful world building, hot steamy moments, all the sweet adorable soft moments lily is good with … more intriguing monsters bad and good.. it was worth the wait
So, after a couple of slow books, LM makes a come back with another “on the road” adventure oddly starring Moth and Charlie. Edin and Hunter are escorting Charlie back to the military base in TN when they come across the raider camp Cat mentioned and they figure they should stop and let them know that he’s alive. Next thing you know Moth and Charlie have volunteered for a rescue mission to the fighting prison, as if it hadn’t taken the Soul Eater to bust them out of there last time. Thus begins the walking. Don’t buck the walking book though, even Tolkien’s best known works center around “The Journey,” which is the best time for character interactions and conversations and backstory development. Potential spoilers, read at own risk: I have mixed feelings over Moth’s character. From the written description, it was impossible not to see Moth as anything other than a pink fairy armadillo. Look it up, it’s a real thing. I, like probably most people was bothered that although half human he was so completely other. His monster parent looked far more human than he did. I was also bothered that Moth was intersexed, and coming from a monster lineage that is apparently very human gene compatible, he still tells Charlie that he doesn’t believe that he’d be able to become pregnant. Yes, mostly likely ignorance on his part but when the monkey monster joins the adventure, it pretty obvious LM is feeling out how Moth would appear as a parent. Charlie, yes, best male character award for being the ultimate romantic partner and mate, Moth, not so much. I just hope that is she chooses to go that direction, she gives Moth some time to learn to be loved and how to love in return. Overall, was happier with this book than the previous two, though there are several loose ends that I wasn’t complete satisfied with. Need I remind you of the first book’s ending? Heat level is moderate and is more alien than half human sex should be, but is a fair return to scenes starring Wyn. Moth’s self awareness and self hate make it hard to fully embrace the monster sex as anything other than mildly embarrassing to read. Chuck, as a character, did kind of save the book with a general cuteness factor.
What can I say? This book was incredible, the best one after first book!! I totally absolutely loved loved loved Charlie’s and Moth’s chemistry, interactions, their humor, their non verbal language, their slow bonding!!! Everything was just perfect. If your hesitating because it’s a 450 pages length book, don’t be!! There’s no filling, each page worth it
I’m so glad Moth gets his happily ever after. The more we find out about Moth, the sadder I got. He had a terrible life, no wonder he’s prickly and defensive all the time. Thank goodness Charlie is so patient and gentle.
Omg so cute. Charlie is absolutely perfect for Moth. Moth is one of those characters that no matter how prickly they are, you can’t help but love them. Charlie was so patient and kind with him. It was a bit of a different take on monsters because Moth was definitely not self-assured like the others.


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