Mountain Man Fixated By Olivia T. Turner

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Mountain Man Fixated (Mounting Mountain Men Book 3) By Olivia T. Turner


Book/Novel Author: Olivia T. Turner

Book/Novel Title: Mountain Man Fixated



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I’m a city girl.I don’t do nature.It sucks.Bugs, bears, poison ivy.You name it, I hate it.So, when my niece asks me to accompany her on a camping trip, I’m horrified.But I’m a good aunt, so I say yes.Well, that was a huge mistake.One of many.Forgetting the bug spray. That was a mistake.So was thinking I could control a canoe.Spoiler alert: I can’t.When I get irrevocably lost from the group in the mountain wilderness, I think I’ve made a fatal mistake.Until Cyrus finds me.He’s big, strong, and the toughest man these mountains have ever seen.But he goes absolutely weak when he sees me.An obsession takes over and he’s not about to let me go.Is there anything in the survival guide for when a burly mountain man becomes obsessed with you?Spoiler alert: Nope. There’s not.    Mia is about to find out if bearded men do it better. I think we already know the answer to that question, but come along for the ride anyway and watch this obsessive alpha male move mountains for his girl.Insta-love at its finest in a SAFE read with no cheating and a super sweet HEA guaranteed. Double V-cards. Enjoy!
What a funny, romantic, cute, story, I loved the Mia, my girl was so funny, she was not having it, with the woods, I am with her, oh NO! I am a city girl all the way. But it took big, strapping, wide Cyrus to change her mind big time! Poor Mia getting beat up, from left to right from the fly, then people thinking she is an alcoholic, her getting dirty looks from her adorable niece Violet’s school staff, her almost getting killed in the waterfall, Mia had it bad, Until she met and fell head over heels in love with Cyrus, Cyrus the man, manly man, Cyrus was just as smitten. Both of them fell in love and 20 years later, 4 boys later, they are still going strong. This story made me feel so great, and it was so funny and cute.
Another OTT book, similar story side to her other books, but still enjoyable. I’m not normally a fan of “me man, you woman” stories, but this author makes them enjoyable.
This is the book that got me started on this series. I started in order in case there was a cross over with the characters which so far there is not. This book is by far the best and really needed to be a full length book. I laughed so hard I was in tears. This one is a must read.
It was a great quick read with instalove. Although some dominance is displayed, it isn’t overpowering or disrespectful. His obsession isn’t dark, it feels very loving.
This was another great read. It was short and steamy with a happily ever after. Cyrus and Mia were made for each other
This was an enjoyable read!! Sexy moments that I love the setup and continue to read the next situation!Keep up this style entertaining moments!


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4.9/5309 ratings