Mountain Man’s Gift By K.C. Crowne

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Mountain Man’s Gift: A Small Town Holiday Romance (Mountain Men of Liberty Book 15) By K.C. Crowne


Book/Novel Author: K.C. Crowne

Book/Novel Title: Mountain Man’s Gift



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Dear Boone Callaghan,You’re BIG in every way.Your body.Your presence.Your big woody …. axe.I wanted to proclaim my love.But my ego got in the way.Except for that one night…I offered my V-card to my best friend’s older brother.Talk about big mistake.Life brings me back…And Boone has aged like fine wine.He’s a single dad.A total D.I.L.F.And desperately needs a nanny.I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want him anymore.Now I’m a live in nanny for my teenage crush.An intense desire keeps us both up at night.While the cold winter weather rages outside…The Callaghan residence is burning up.Will this Holiday season bring my teenage fantasies to life?Or will skeletons from the past make me regret returning to the town I left years ago? This is a FULLY standalone novel from my Mountain Men of Liberty series. Now introducing the Callaghan brothers and sister! This is Boone’s story and a best friend’s brother, single dad and nanny small town romance. Each book can be read on it’s own. Transport yourself into this charming and magical town as we follow several rugged mountain men in their quests to find lasting love. Enjoy! I know I did!
Olivia has always had feelings for Boone, her best friend’s brother. When she drunk dialed him and told him how she feels he didn’t act on it so she left town. She’s back and needs a job so Boone asks for he help as his son’s nanny. Will they finally get their chance to get it right?
Love this whole series. Can’t wait for each one to come out. Small town romance with sexy yet adorable couples!
She’s been in love with her bff older brother in for yrs. She’s back in town, her dad is very I’ll and in hospital. An ex gf had his child didn’t tell him and it was her soon to be ex told him he has a son. He needed help with his son and she said yes to becoming the live in nanny. They fought their attraction but they gotten together and didn’t tell here bff his sister. She called it off when the sister found out, her dad died during and emergency surgery, left town for a job. Her dad told her to be selfish and be with the guy and the sister to be supportive. After weeks , a celebration of if getting full custody of his son, his sister finally came around to accept his live for her bff. They finally gotten back together and she was pregnant too. All is good.
Great reading good story little suspense family and love takes the winter blues away sex love babies what more could you want love Susan’s eriting
Olivia had lost her Mom early on, so it was just her and Dad. She gave up her career and moved home to help him. But she was alone except for her bestie Irene and her Dad. She up longed to rekindle the torch she’d carried since youth for Boone, Irene’s brother. Boone had a son in the intervening years and Liv thought he’d matured like fine wine. But her Dad’s illness, her difficulties establishing her own career in interior design and the busyness of life worked against her and Boone reconnecting. Fate has a way of intervening and as Boone looses his nanny Luv becomes available. To find out if one little man can help draw the two back together, read on.
Just when I think the last book in the series is my favorite I read the new one. Who would not fall in love with Boone? And for Olivia it was a crush that has lasted since she was in school. Not to mention one drunken phone call to Boone and she swore she would never see him again she was so embarrassed. Boone is amazing, and he’s a father to a four-year-old son he did not know he had until two years ago. He works hard, but surprised to Olivia he’s always had feelings for her. The book follows their relationship through ups and downs, and having to keep your relationship a secret because Olivia is best friends with Boone‘s sister. She could not find out it would ruin everything. Desperate for money Olivia becomes the nanny to Boones four-year-old son Adam. One thing leads to another and love is in the air, not to mention some pretty hot scenes. Olivia‘s father is very sick and in the hospital, Boone has custody hearing coming, they can’t let Olivia’s best friend find out, how much more can this amazing couple with stand and still find their happily ever after?


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