Move the Needle By Shelley Brander

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Move the Needle: Yarns from an Unlikely Entrepreneur By Shelley Brander


Book/Novel Author: Shelley Brander

Book/Novel Title: Move the Needle



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WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER!Harness the “power of can’t” to make your big, impossible dreams a reality with help from a creative entrepreneur who’s turned her quirky passion into a global force.People always ask Shelley Brander what possessed her to leave the successful advertising firm she founded with her husband to open a local yarn store. And then they wonder how that one storefront grew into an e-commerce business, and from there into a global movement to Knit the World Together. In Move the Needle, Shelley shares stories from her life to show that you can pursue your life’s passions–both personal and professional–no matter how quirky or impossible they may seem to everyone around you.Whether you are an entrenched or aspiring entrepreneur, or have a passion that just won’t let you go, Shelley shares lessons from her journey that reveal how to:   • Put your passion first and make your creative side hustle your main gig   • Recognize the true value of creativity and experimentation   • Have hope against all odds   • Surround yourself with supportive people   • Cut ties with those who weigh you down   • Believe in the power of your weird, impossible dream! In Move the Needle, Shelley invites you to embrace your passion and hold space for your seemingly improbable (but totally possible) goals, dreams, and purpose.





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