Mr. Bloomsbury By Louise Bay

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Mr. Bloomsbury: A feel-good British Billionaire Romance (The Mister Series Book 5) By Louise Bay


Book/Novel Author: Louise Bay

Book/Novel Title: Mr. Bloomsbury



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He’s cold, rude and undeniably arrogant.That’s how Andrew Blake’s best friends describe him.Bad luck for me that I’m his new assistant.Nothing I do is good enough.The more I try and please him, the more he ignores me.I’m beginning to wonder if there’s a heart in that tall, hard, gorgeous body of his.After work I’m complaining about him to my new best friend—the bartender at the pub near the office.Guess who’s seated behind me and has heard every gripe, grumble and grievance?By the look in Andrew’s eye, I can’t tell if I’m going to get fired or kissed.A standalone enemies to lovers romance to make you laugh out loud and feel good.
Mr. BloomsburyAndrew and SophiaThe fifth book in the Mister series. Each book can standalone, but they do have characters that crossover into the other books.Andrew. Rude, cold, grumpy and at times downright cranky. Ruthless when it comes to business. Honest to a fault. But totally and completely faithful to those he considers family. Prefers to keep his personal life completely separate from his business. Raised by strong women. Women he adored and respected. He’s bound and determined to set his grandmothers legacy right.Sophia. Strong, independent, speaks her mind. Raised by her single mom. They struggled, but loved each other fiercely. She will do anything for her mother. Including moving to England to track down her long lost father. She needs him to fork over some of the money he should have given her mother to help raise his daughter. Her mother desperately needs surgery to be able to continue working.I really liked Sophia. She plowed right into Andrews life and never gave him the option of turning her away. She new of his odd and quirky office behavior. She was as determined to stay as he was to send her away. She had broad shoulders, thick skin and a backbone of steel. She was laser focused on her goal.Andrew I liked. For the most part. To me he was kinda weird. I understand keeping your personal life and business life separate, but he took it to a completely different level. Creating an entire new persona when he was out of the office. Introducing himself as “James” to Sophia when they meet at a bar. Never using his real name. It was odd.Once he starts acknowledging her in the office, he realizes she’s smart, and her ideas have merit. He just might just have what he needs to win back his grandmother’s magazine. And lose his heart along the way.A great addition to the series. Andrew is the fifth of his six chosen brothers to find his happy ever after.A quick, easy read. Told from both points of view. Low angst and little drama. No cheating.I’m looking forward to Tristian’s story.
I was so excited to read this book. I loved the blurb, the excerpt, everything! But sadly, this story didn’t do much for me. I loved Sofia and her character was great: feisty, sassy, smart, and strong. Andrew was broody, a bit mysterious, but I just couldn’t love him for some reason. The story is ok, but I felt myself rolling my eyes with the push and pull from Andrew. Then the ending just felt quite abrupt and rushed. Anyway, maybe it’s just this book? I haven’t read any of the other stories from this series so I’ll give it another shot and probably read them in order.
Ms. Bay did not perform due diligence when it comes to the book’s New Jersey references. As someone who was born and raised Jersey, it pained me to find these errors.”Jersey Girl” NOT “New Jersey Girl””Jersey Shore” NOT “Jersey shore”And as an American, it’s “John F. Kennedy Junior” NOT “John Kennedy Junior.” John Kennedy could be anybody, but the F is needed to make the reference valid.
Billionaire romance at its best! Louise Bay’s Mr. Bloomsbury has a good plot, strong characters, and lots of steam. How can you go wrong?⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Sofia is a New Yorker in London, armed with her MBA and tons of motivation. She’s trying to find the money to take care of her mother; whether she earns it from a new job or gets it from her absentee dad doesn’t matter so much. When she starts working for grumpy Andrew, though, things change. The mogul goes through assistants regularly, and Sofia seems to be the first that understands how he works. But, when he overhears her complaining about her boss at a nearby bar, everything changes and their chemistry ignites.I had so much fun reading Sofia and Andrew’s story, and I had a hard time putting it down. These two strong, smart characters make sense together, and challenge each other at every turn. I also love Andrew’s relationship with his friends. Clearly these guys love each other, and are the only ones who can kick some sense into him when things go sideways.Mr. Bloomsbury was a great, quick read that scratched the itch for a light, steamy romance with great characters. This book is part of a series about Andrew’s friends, and I can’t wait to go back and read them all.I was gifted a copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
I love these British billionaires, I love their banter and this one is a bit more harsh so it was nice to see him fall in love. Entertaining, I recommend.
This was a cute meet and fall in love with a nice side of sexy times. There was the main story and some side stories and it was all nice and tidy at the end.


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