Mr. Handsome Hunk By Jacob Parker

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Mr. Handsome Hunk (The Manhattan Men Book 2) By Jacob Parker


Book/Novel Author: Jacob Parker

Book/Novel Title: Mr. Handsome Hunk



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I’ve wanted her my whole life.My best friend’s little sister. But things didn’t work out like they were supposed to.And now she’s back in my life and I’m not sure how I feel about it.She left for college without looking back, and I’m a billionaire bachelor with my eye on lots of prizes now.I’m not the boy she walked away from.Manhattan is my playground, and my family owns the city. Now that I’m grown, I take full advantage of that inheritance.But the moment I see her, flames ignite. I can’t hold back the need to consume her.Just like back then, she’s still off limits.This time, I’m not leaving anything up to chance.I’m a Manhattan, and I get what I want.This woman is mine. For good.
This was the 2nd book I’ve read by this Author I am loving The Manhattan Men. The way it all unfolds is priceless and the spirit of Abigail when needed made even me pull my shoulders back. Now on to the next Manhattan brother. I love my Kindle Unlimited.
To have a love like Edwin and Abby’s is magical.. Even though they lost six years you wouldn’t have thought it.. I’m glad they found each other again and true loved proveiled.. These Manhattan Men are no joke..
First of all, the short time frame to forgiveness was so unrealistic it was more a fantasy-fairytale. In no real life situation would a brother like Charlie be forgiven so quickly for causing two people six years of pain and distress. And, there was pain, on both sides, caused by one person, Charlie. Nope. No way is a one day window of forgiveness realistic.Secondly, did Charlie for one minute feel guilty about invading Edwin’s privacy? He was in Edwin’s room, under Edwin’s parents’ roof, alone because Edwin did him a favor by giving up his room because Charlie didn’t feel well. Talk about abusing someone’s hospitality and friendship. He didn’t respect Edwin. He betrayed Edwin. So wrong. Two point two stars.
I really enjoyed the first book & immediately started this one when I was done. Honestly, after chapter 15, I skimmed to the end, hoping for “something”.I feel like it was a different author writing these two books. I couldn’t understand how these two had such a close friendship when they were younger. Edwin was closer to her brother’s age, and it makes more sense that they were friends & Abby was just the little annoying sister. If they were such great friends, why did neither of them say anything to each other the first time they seen each other after so many years. It made NO sense.They both seemed so immature for their age. They both had such strong feelings after many years of not seeing each other. That didn’t make any sense either. They were never a couple. These characters, and their history was poorly developed in this book.Aside from their childish behavior, Zoe’s character was just downright ridiculous. There isn’t one successful businessman that comes from a wealthy family that would tolerate that from a PA. Actually, you don’t even need money or clout to deal with that. It was ridiculous & childish in this book.I’m going to give the next book a try because I do enjoy the relationship the brothers have.
Wow loved this book sexy men and women finding what can bring hurt to happy, looking for the next story. Thanks Jacob Parker
These books are so very special, they hit all the bases! I have lived then all! Jacob Parker is super! Thanks for all the good times!


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