Mr. Manly Man By Jacob Parker

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Mr. Manly Man (The Manhattan Men Book 3) By Jacob Parker


Book/Novel Author: Jacob Parker

Book/Novel Title: Mr. Manly Man



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Love is for girls and suckers. But jealousy is for manly men.No way in hell I’m attending my ex-girlfriend’s father’s big event.Not after that witch ripped my soul out a few years back.Funnily enough, my billionaire family doesn’t care much about that.Everyone that’s anyone will be at the event, and that includes me.Fine. I’ll take a fake fiancée and serve up slices of revenge all night long.My cousin’s secretary will do the job just fine.She’s beautiful, dreamy, and everything I’d want in a woman—if I were done playing around.But I’m not. Good thing she’s interested in a promotion.Quid-pro-quo love.I can get back at my ex, and she can get a raise with my recommendation to my cousin.We both get what we want, but then something odd happens.She captures my heart. Nope. Not me.Chants: Manly man. Manly man. Manly—Yeah, this isn’t working. I’m in love.
That is what this situation called for, the woman I thought I love and spend the rest of my life shattered me. Not trusting, I and the beautiful Jules plan a ruse, that blows up! Conclusion when its right you find a way to forever life and love
The end needs to be completed right now it end blunt, just stops like a cliffhanger. Everything is well written, edited, perfectly composed, yet it lacks real depth and raw emotions. It needs more work to bring out the real depth, right now it’s almost superficial. It is the same with Weston and Ali’s books some are really well written others are more like mass production written by other writers for them.
Loved this story all the way around.. Filip and Juliette was made for each other and I’m glad they did the whole fake engagement just to figure it out.. These Manhatten Men are hard not to fall for..
Let me start out by saying I liked the story concept. But the guy was not a manly man. He was a weak rich kid. Didn’t care for him at all. The heroin wasn’t bad just thought too much about their differences. I had to force myself to finish the book. I like a book where both parties are strong and intelligent people. This wasn’t one.
Another great book in the Manhattan Men series. Filip is in real estate and when his company pairs with the mayor for his re-election, Filip knows there will be a problem. He dated the mayor’s daughter and things ended so badly, Filip decides he needs a fake fiancée to be seen with him. Juliette works in the same office as Filip. She agrees to play the part if Fillip will put in a good word to help her get the promotion she wants. Things go well until she falls for him and witnesses a display of affection. Is it fake or real? Read it and find out!
Another good story by this talented author. I have enjoyed reading his other stories and I look forward to reading more.


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