Mr. Park Lane By Louise Bay

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Mr. Park Lane By Louise Bay


Book/Novel Author: Louise Bay

Book/Novel Title: Mr. Park Lane



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In all the years I loved Joshua Luca, he never knew it. My infatuation with him led to some stupid decisions, so I swore off my teenage crush and forgot about him.

But our mums are still best friends and when I’m forced back to London, without me knowing, they arrange for me to stay with him.

Joshua hasn’t lost his swagger, his charm or those oh-so-perfect lips that I’ve imagined kissing so many times. He takes me under his wing, helps me flat-hunt and even coaches me through some dates.

Until his coaching starts to feel a lot like actual dating and my crush is back with a vengeance.

I know that loving Joshua leads to disaster but I can’t help but wonder whether the way he looks at me has changed and whether when we kiss, it feels as real to him as it does to me.

Mr. Park Lane is a stand-alone novel.
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Mr. Park Lane is Louise Bay’s fourth book in her fabulous Mister series. Although it’s a standalone, to me it feels like a continuing story in the lives of a group of long-time friends who stand by each other through all their ups and downs.Mr. Park Lane is Joshua Luca’s story and all about how this charming and sexy owner of a successful branding corporation has managed to stay commitment free. That is until he gets reacquainted with Hartford, a dedicated doctor who has returned from working out of the country. He offers her a suite next to his while she recovers from an injury. He suggests they “pretend date” to help Hartford gain dating confidence, But though the attraction between them sizzles they both wonder if they can let go of their painful pasts.Performance by Saskia Maarleveld and Shane East is perfection. I could listen to their voices for hours as they bring the characters and this story to life.In Louise Bay style, the romance between Joshua and Hartford is hot and sensual and there is no holding back on the passion.Cannot get enough of anything Louise Bay, especially this series. Looking forward to another Mister!
Joshua is a man not interest in commitment all his focus is in his business.As a favor to his mother he agrees to help Hartford a childhood friend, daughter of his mother’s friend. Upon picking her up from the hospital he sets her up in the unit next to his. His space is sacred to him and he does not like distractions in it. However, little did he know that Hartford would rock his world in every aspect.Hartford has had a crush on Joshua since her teenage years, at the age of 17 she suffers an accident that unfortunately trumps her dreams of becoming a bailarina so she becomes a pediatrician. She is kind, loving, and down to earth. After time working in deprived places in the works as a doctor she is ready to start a new job at a hospital under a renowned doctor.This book was not only well written and with an amazing story line but it touch me personally as my kids both have ADHD and the way the topic was handled in the book was amazing. Thank you!I must say I can’t wait for Tristan’s story
When I want to get lost in a book, I know Bay’s storytelling expertise never fails to deliver. Mr Park Lane has everything I look for in contemporary romance and so much more. But what I love is how the author mingles characters from an ongoing series and still doesn’t confuse the reader if they haven’t read previous books. Who hasn’t had a teen crush and tried not to make a big thing of it? Harford Kent did. Especially seeing that the guy she’d got her eye on happened to be her brother’s best friend. Now she’s back after fifteen years away and not at all happy with her mother’s accommodation arrangement. Okay, I’m not knocking mums because they should always be concerned for their daughters, but I couldn’t help laughing my socks off at the absurdity of it all. Here’s this lass who’s been through thick and thin only to go and recuperate where? Have a guess!Joshua Luca is even more gorgeous than he was and enjoys being single for reasons to be revealed. Wow, there is immeasurably more to him than I could ever have imagined. He’s ambitious, dedicated, compassionate and successful and my word, in a quandary. The cause—keep guessing!I loved the way their friendship grew little by little. Small details that Bay paid utmost attention to warmed my heart. How they both encouraged each other to open up emotionally, oh my, it was simply outstanding. Hartford shows Joshua that there is a life out there, and in turn, he shows her that reaching personal goals is hers to grasp. And here is where I have to mention the twist. Although it’s hovering in the background, the outcome was better than I’d expected. Their feelings seemed to jump off the pages, not to mention the scorching heat these two have. It’s combustible!The Mister guys and their better halves have to be mentioned. They make themselves heard loud and clear when they had to. So, phenomenal character development, family connections and a solid storyline make for a read I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. And, if you have ever read any of my reviews, you’ll know that I am an incorrigible banter snob! Once again, Bay delivers hands down. Bravo!
Part of ‘The Mister Series’ by Louise Bay, “Mr. Park Lane” is a well-written story with likeable characters, authentic emotion, great dialogue, and just the right amount of heat and sweet to make it a very enjoyable read. The overall series is about some wealthy, hot, clever and male British friends who each find love. The title of each book refers to the area where the hero of the story lives.Hartford is a doctor specializing in pediatrics, just returned from serving a poor population in a third-world country. In a leg cast because of a fall overseas, she’s moving on in her career to now work at a prestigious hospital. While she heals and gets settled, family members have arranged for her to spend a few months sharing an apartment with Joshua who, a long time ago, was her brother’s best friend. Until she was 17, Hartford had a secret crush on him and so she’s less than thrilled with the arrangement. Joshua is a wealthy man living a playboy lifestyle. Because of a terrible experience a decade prior, he no longer has relationships with women … at least not the type that last longer than a day, or a limited day of the week (such as Miss Tuesday Night). He’s not a bad guy; he’s just determined to protect his heart. Hartford and Joshua develop a genuine friendship, the depth of which takes them both by surprise. Her love of cake, his love of baths, her teaching him to trust, him teaching her how to be sociable – we get to experience it all with them, and it’s terrific.Each of them must come to terms with personal emotional trauma from their own past before they’ll be able to have a happy future. They both deserve an HEA, but in a way you dread that they’re going to get it because it means the book will be over.The secondary characters in the book are vividly depicted, and the camaraderie and affection between Joshua and his friends really comes through. The excellent writing style of the author makes reading this book a pleasure.
Another charming story about a clueless man and an equally clueless woman falling over each other, frightened of commitment. I loved how they went on the dates. And it was so easy to fall for both people. Having the other couples pop in here and there was icing in the cake.
In search of a HEA that could shot itself in the foot without some stretching of broken hearts. Our love birds walk backwards in this story to finding love. It is a fun reada super dreamy hero and a unknowing princess


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