MRS, PRESUMED DEAD an absolutely gripping mystery full of twists By SIMON BRETT

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MRS, PRESUMED DEAD an absolutely gripping mystery full of twists (Mrs Pargeter Crime Mystery Book 2) By SIMON BRETT


Book/Novel Author: SIMON BRETT

Book/Novel Title: MRS, PRESUMED DEAD an absolutely gripping mystery full of twists



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DISCOVER AN UNPUTDOWNABLE COZY MYSTERY FROM ONE OF THE WORLD’S FAVOURITE CRIME WRITERS.“A new Simon Brett novel is an event for mystery fans!” P.D. James“Murder most enjoyable.” Colin Dexter“Few crime writers are so enchantingly gifted.” The Sunday Times“Like a little malice in your mysteries? Some cynicism in your cozies? Simon Brett is happy to oblige.” New York Times**A CWA DIAMOND DAGGER AWARD WINNER!**_______________________Meet Mrs Melita Pargeter, a vivacious widow with a talent for solving mysteries.Melita moves to a lovely new home in leafy Surrey, where her neighbours are well-to-do young couples.But then her boiler breaks down, and she tries to get in touch with the former owners, Mr and Mrs Cotton. It turns out they have vanished without trace.Melita is curious.She finds out that Theresa Cotton was young, happily married (or so it seemed), and very nice in every way.Then she discovers a letter with some shocking revelations. Nice Mrs Cotton was mixed up with some very shady characters.Melita’s determined to piece together the mystery, but her snooping hasn’t gone unnoticed.Does the killer now have another Mrs in his sights?Fans of Agatha Christie, Nita Prose, M.C. Beaton, The Thursday Murder Club, Faith Martin, Julia Chapman, T.E. Kinsey, Jeanne M. Dams, Janice Hallett and Jane Adams will be hooked from the very first page!Readers love the one and only Mrs P.:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Continually surprising, witty.” Publishers Weekly⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “A crisp little mystery-comedy of the drily delightful English sort . . . Playfully taut, with false clues galore.” Kirkus⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “A modern Miss Marple!” Elizabeth⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I loved it instantly! The mysterious heroine is the icing on the cake.” Goodreads review⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “A grand tale . . . with a generous dollop of humour!” Kathy⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “A great cozy read with a cast of quirky characters. I’m anxious to read more.” Beverly⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Fun and full of surprises!” EllenTHE DETECTIVESixty-something Melita Pargeter is a woman in her prime — classy, earthy and sharp as a tack. Don’t believe the rumours about her late husband. The perfect gent, he left Mrs P. wanting for nothing. On his advice, she never leaves home without binoculars, gloves and a skeleton key. And these trusty essentials have always served her well. But murder seems to follow her to every new address . . .ALSO BY SIMON BRETTMRS PARGETER MYSTERY SERIESBook 1: A NICE CLASS OF CORPSEBook 2: MRS, PRESUMED DEADBook 3: MRS PARGETER’S PACKAGEBook 4: MRS PARGETER’S POUND OF FLESH
Highly enjoyable book, although it doesn’t have any depth. The characters are quite unidimensional, but somehow that is Ok. I think what makes it all work is the effortless humor of the writing.
I’m already beginning to love Mrs Pargeter. The authors style of writing set the tone for these quaint but fun mystery/ murders. Again the perpetrator came as a surprise, so after two of the series I’m looking forward to working through the whole series. No goriness, bed scenes or bad language a bonus.
Had a revaluation after reading the second book in this series. The author is quite witty and I find myself laughing as I read certain passages.
This cozy mystery stands alone nicely, although the first in the series provides a great introduction the delightful main character.
I like the character of Mrs. Pargeter, but this simply isn’t a good mystery. It is actually dull with uninteresting characters, references to “the late Mr. Pargeter” on almost every page, how well he provided for her on almost every page, boring visits with boring characters, flimsy motivation for her investigation, etc.Instead of suspenseful, it is repetitive and ponderous. I read all four in a couple of days, and the hackneyed aspects just pile up more and more. This doesn’t come close to Agatha Christie’s writing – and I am also shocked that P.D. James ( A superb writer and intellectual) called these books an “event”. Of coursee, she didn’t specify a GOOD event…
It’s easy to become engrossed in Mrs Pargeter’s mysteries. I’ll continue reading the next in this series and see what she discovers next.


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