Murder at Teal’s Pond By David Bushman

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Murder at Teal’s Pond: Hazel Drew and the Mystery That Inspired Twin Peaks By David Bushman


Book/Novel Author: David Bushman

Book/Novel Title: Murder at Teal’s Pond



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A brilliantly researched reinvestigation into the nearly forgotten century-old murder that inspired one of the most seductive mysteries in the history of television and film.In 1908, Hazel Drew was found floating in a pond in Sand Lake, New York, beaten to death. The unsolved murder inspired rumors, speculation, ghost stories, and, almost a century later, the phenomenon of Twin Peaks. Who killed Hazel Drew? Like Laura Palmer, she was a paradox of personalities—a young, beautiful puzzle with secrets. Perhaps the even trickier question is, Who was Hazel Drew?Seeking escape from her poor country roots, Hazel found work as a domestic servant in the notoriously corrupt metropolis of Troy, New York. Fate derailed her plans for reinvention. But the investigation that followed her brutal murder was fraught with red herrings, wild-goose chases, and unreliable witnesses. Did officials really follow the leads? Or did they bury them to protect the guilty?The likely answer is revealed in an absorbing true mystery that’s ingeniously reconstructed and every bit as haunting as the cultural obsession it inspired.
Way too much data and very repetitive. This is the first book I have read that I couldn’t wait to finish.
Hazel Drew died in 1908 in upstate New York, near a little town called Sand Lake. An attractive young woman, she was clubbed to death and tossed into a pond, a grisly death that would become a front-page obsession and, much later, the spark for the TV series Twin Peaks. Despite what appeared to be an intense investigation, the mystery was never solved. Were the investigators competent? Were they influenced? Did witnesses lie? What went wrong? Hard to say. Sand Lake and its environs seemed brimming with secrets. “Murder at Teal’s Pond” reveals the sensationalism, the chaos and the complications for investigators who could not decide who to interview, who to believe. Authors David Bushman and Mark T. Givens decide to investigate, to go where those early investigators seemed unable or unwilling to go. The research is remarkable and compelling. Ultimately, they will offer what they believe is the answer, solving a mystery more than a century old. This is a good read, conversational, yet thoroughly researched. Bushman and Givens seem to have gotten to know the characters and the culture. It’s a step back in time and a dark walk into suspense.
This meticulously researched and well-written book had me entranced from the beginning (even before the beginning- starting with a wonderful forward by Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost). Reading it, I felt like I had walked through a portal into 1908 Troy, NY. You feel like you are there as the mystery of Hazel Drew’s death is being investigated. I was captivated by the many weird and unusual people depicted in it. I highly recommend it.
This book relies on the readers love for Twin Peaks. When that love fades, Murder at Teal’s POND shows it’s true colors… A true crime store that does not even hold up against your average true crime podcast
Downloaded for a 13-hour road trip. Certainly held my interest. Only got halfway through before arriving at my destination.
My next binge will have to be Twin Peaks. Murder at Teal’s Pond – being a work of research and not a work of fiction – leaves me feeling off for enjoying it but I couldn’t put it down.


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